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Thread: Top Chef 5/10 Recap- Top Chefs + Alcohol= Best Reunion Show Ever

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    Best Reunion Show Ever + Smart, Witty Writer = One Hell of a Recap!!!

    Fantastic job, SueEleen, you captured every moment of the greatest reunion show I recall ever seeing with keen observation and sharp humor.

    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllenMishke View Post
    Can Dave go ten minutes without crying?

    First up, a little recap of the season so far. This would come in handy if Bravo didnít play these episodes every ten minutes, and if I didnít have some sort of weird compulsion to watch them each and every time they are on. I know, itís a sickness.

    Robo-host Katie Lee Joel tells us to grab our aprons, because this show might get messy.

    Hi Ken. You were sent packing because youíre crazy.

    if this show is going to be an hour of stupid, obvious questions about cooking, I am switching to CSpan, because that would be more interesting.

    now I want to take him out and feed him hot dogs, Easy Mac and Boones Farm. Is that weird? I donít care.

    Dave wrestles the t-shirt out of Tiffaniís claws, and in the end of the tussle he shows heís not her bitch, and has the shirt to prove it.

    ďAre all chefs naturally competitive?Ē I would assume that chefs who apply to be on a reality cooking show competition are pretty competitive, Gail. Stupid question. Moving on.

    I would also like to note here that I donít think Andrea has been drinking at all, so her comments are not incendiary or interesting, and I donít want to write about her any more.

    Or maybe the Temperature Fairy flew in and did it, right Tiff?

    Harold has mostly stayed quiet during the show, and when Gail asks him if heís single, he flat out refuses to answer the question. Maybe heís concerned about the, ahÖ overzealousness for him shown by some of his fans, possibly my fellow recapper included, but he wonít say.

    In fact, it looks like every moment they were not cooking, some of the chefs were imbibing. Nothing wrong with that, although there is something wrong with the footage of Miguel threatening to take off his pants and then dancing the Hustle with Lee Anne.

    Something Iím glad Bravo didnít show much of? The grossness that is Miguel.

    Please. Does anyone think that Stephen could take Ken? Anyone? Yeah, I didnít think so. [/SIZE]
    I think Stephen might be able to take Ken if it was a broken bottle fight. Who wouldn't love to see Stephen wave a sharp shard of glass in Ken's face while lecturing him on what entree would best pair with the wine that was just in the bottle he's about to shove into your jugular vein.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Lessee... who would win if Stepehn and Ken were both drunk..... a crazy arrogant Stephent... or a crazy drunk kung fu fighting irishman (wow.... that would make for an amazingly crappy comic book, that's so bad, it's good).

    And.... when i read Tiffany saying she wasnt anybody's monkey... why did i picture a monkey with red hair?
    Pink Elephants on Parade!

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    Great recap! I just got around to watching this show today, and wow, what a doozie. Must admit I missed the first episode with Ken, but what a tool he is. I didn't really like Stephen on the show, but he seems to have matured a great deal and I thought it was very gracious of him to apologize to Candice the way he did.

    Noticed also that he polished off that bottle of wine nicely!

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    Great recap!

    Love the show

    One of the Survivors was voted off twice during the same season -- the season they had the "Outcasts" where two of them came back in to the game. Lil made it to the final two but the other one (a guy... Burton maybe?) was voted off a second time

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