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Thread: Final Three

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    Final Three

    I don't really know how to fit my thoughts into any current threads, so please forgive me that I started a new one. But I am a bit disturbed by the fact that the Final Three is NOT comprised of the three most consistent chefs throughout the season, namely Harold, Tiffani and Lee Anne IMHO. I like Dave, I think he's talented and seems like a very sweet guy; but his performances had frankly been spotty in the various challenges. He happened to have gotten by in the vital ones, no doubt; and the fact that Dave the Underdog is in the final challenge instead of Lee Anne makes interesting Reality TV -- albeit not a fair one. Top Chef, of course, is running on the Project Runway Formula, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised; still, I find it a bit distasteful (no pun intended) that only two of the three most talented contestants of the bunch made it through.

    I purposely don't want to post this in Lee Ann's thread because it's not specifically about her; it's about the three most deserving chefs no matter who they are. I am sure there will be people who will disagree with me about Dave; but I really think one's consistency should have been factored into determining who goes to the final challenge.

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    [sarcasm]Wait a minute. Are you saying that if someone consistently performs well all-around, week after week--in terms of taste (we have to take the judges' word for it), presentation, and professionalism in the kitchen/front of house--while someone else is usually (though not always) a notch below, that the person who performed consistently better should be in the final showdown?

    IOW, are you suggesting that maybe Bravo viewers want to see the three consistently best chefs (assuming there are just three) battle it out, trying to out-do each other for the grand prize?

    What kind of reality tv is that?

    Hey, I'm not knocking Dave. He's certainly had some good culinary moments on this show, he seems like a good guy with a good heart, and he does bring an engaging (if a bit frenetic) personality to the front of house. But I think he's been less consistent than Lee Anne all around, especially if you count professional demeanor/maturity under pressure. If he'd been more or less on a par with Lee Anne, I wouldn't mind. But I think he's been clearly shown to be much less polished and poised in the kitchen than the other chefs.

    Unfortunately, the show talks a lot about how important all the ingredients are when it comes to picking a Top Chef--food, presentation, creativity, professionalism in the kitchen and with customers--but in reality, it seems to me that it's just about whose dish tasted the best at the right moment.

    At the end of the Napa challenge, they happened to like Dave's dish best, pepper notwithstanding, and Lee Anne's least. From my POV, showings and behaviors in previous challenges in the show had little bearing on the decision to send Dave or Lee Anne to the final 3.

    Just my opinion.

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    I said it with Project Runway and I'll say it again here ... I think when deciding the final 3, they shouldn't have a guest judge (or judges) choose who wins. I think the main judges' votes should count more than guest judges for the final 3 and the finale.

    I would even be happy if they had NO guest judges for those challenges--just the main judges who are there week in and week out.

    OR (to make it as complicated as possible!), have 3 key past guest judges vote and count them all-together as one vote--to choose the final 3 and the winner. In TC, have Chefs Keller and [the guy from Aqua] and Ted Allen as the voters--and say 2 choose Harold and 1 chooses Tiffani. A vote for Harold would be added to Tom's and Gail's votes. In PR 2, have DVF, Badgely Mischka, and Cynthia Rowley each vote--see who wins their votes and have that as the 4th vote, along with Heidi, Michael, and Nina.

    Just a thought.

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    Dave (aka "pepper monkey") is in the final three because he put the truffles under mac and cheese. That was a good decision, but seems small compared to the wide gap between him and Lee Anne in creativity, technique, and leadership. The rest of Dave's meal was characterized by the judges as an over-peppered afterthought. And it wasn't just that his performance as a top chef in other weeks was underwhelming, his performance on the quickfire challenge, which was supposed to be considered in the decision in the final 3, was forgotten. In my opinion the two judges could have made a more comprehensive decision--taking into account the opinions of the guest judges on that particular meal--but also all the other qualities and performances that signaled the likelihood of Lee Anne or Dave becoming a top chef. I think the decision deflated the momentum and hurt the integrity of the show.
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    I said it with Project Runway and I'll say it again here ... I think when deciding the final 3, they shouldn't have a guest judge (or judges) choose who wins. I think the main judges' votes should count more than guest judges for the final 3 and the finale.
    I agree. Although that may be based on the fact that both on PR and TC I have disagreed with the guest judge's choice.

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    The entire episode, neigh, the entire SERIES after Candice, Lisa and Andrea were auffed, I had my final three all straightened out.

    Lee Anne

    Dave's being in the final three was like a wake-up bitch slap for me. I mean, there are obviously one person in the final three who's not a drama queen or a huge kamayamaya beeyotch. I was pretty nervous when it came down to Tiffani and Lee Anne, as they were two of the most talented in the entire show. I don't resent any of the choices made for the final three, with the exception that Lee Anne wasn't one of them. Why couldn't it be a final four? I mean, all problems aside, Tiffani was an outstanding chef with great skills. I didn't want to see either her or Lee Anne go. Of course, Lee Anne was my pick to go to the final three, but nonetheless, Dave deserved to get there. Although he's been in the bottom three about...I think...twice...to Lee Anne and Tiffani's zero(not counting team challenges). But, I think that the final three are a good bunch. At least it didn't consist of

    Cynthia(I loved her and thought she had great ideas, but while she was there, it was just meh.

    So, in closing, the final three are a great group. Of course, Harold's probably gonna win.

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