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Thread: 4/26 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I think what they should have done is have the grooms choose a theme, and each chef is suppose to do a part of the theme. One chef gets main dish, one gets salad, appetizer, etc. Sounds easy, but they only have 16 hours to cook and their food has to *match* the rest of the group. Plus, they are cooking for 100. That would have been much better than what they did.

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    I finally had a chance to actually see the episode. I had only been able to read the posts here.

    What a bunch of snobs! (A bunch of rather constipated snobs at that . . . . .where is Andrea when you need her? ! ) (Whoops! Sorry! I meant "snobs" on the show, not here at the FORT! )

    The Scotts - You wanted this to be perfect! ? Yet you go to some reality show contest to have something planned and done in 16 hours? Always been said that you get what you pay for!

    The Judges - Pretty harsh under the circumstances! There actually were some good comments while people were eating. Dave's items got several compliments. Take out in New York that's better ! ? Actually there is some very good take out! However, if you order "fast food", you get fast food.

    The Wedding Planner - Yah right. I bet she planned and executed the wedding of the Joels with 16 hours notice and for under $3000!

    The Guests - the two guys in striped shirts were mugging for the cameras. I wouldn't have believed anything they said!

    The store clerks - they were kind of stupid. A chance to be on national TV with free advertizing and they are shown being disagreeable ? Really makes their store look good.

    Harold - Come on Herald, not everywhere has specialty shops. Up here in the woods we are very capable of producing some very nice meals and events from our local grocery stores (not to mention our local gas stations!) Actually thrown some pretty good shin-digs and hitchin's with little time (and maybe a shotgun or two!) You really have to be flexable. OK this is what I have, how can I make it the best it can be! Ah guys . . . .these are why they are called "challenges".

    Stephen - Well. . . . . . . . .is just Stephen.

    Cake mixes - get over it. Some are much better and consistant than "from scratch". "Doctored-up" very few (yes! FEW) people know the difference! Their big mistakes were the egg shells and not destroying the cake mix boxes! The egg shells were totally avoidable!

    OK, I am done ranting . . . . .for now.
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    Yes, egg shells in the cake was not only unavoidable but almost unforgivable. I can visualise Tiffani hurling them into the mix on purpose in a fit of pique.

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