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Thread: Recipe of the Week

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    Re: Recipe of the Week

    I was checking out some of the recipes on Bravo's site, then I started wondering how they come up with them... I don't think I've ever seen one of the chefs holding a measuring cup or measuring spoon. I know that Lee Anne recreates the dishes so that they have the photographs of them that are shown during each episode, so I'm not sure whether they use "her" recipe, if they have the chefs write down what he/she thinks they used, or if some third person has the job of reviewing the footage to try to determine what each chef did. (An aside: I wonder how many cameras they have filming... in other words, is everything that each chef is doing filmed, or does the cameraman wander around and film enough to get the flavor (no pun intended) of what's happening in the kitchen?)

    Anyway, I got to wondering about all the recipes and wondered if anyone else had ever wondered about how Bravo came up with them, searched around a little bit and found this thread buried in the back pages.

    Has anyone purchased the cookbook that just came out? Is it worth getting?

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    Re: Recipe of the Week

    My guess is that the cameras in the kitchen are mounted at each cooking station to watch each cook. A physical camera man would get in the way and it would be way more cost effective to have mounted cameras that catch everything.
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    Re: Recipe of the Week

    I bought the cookbook. I have not looked over everything carefully but made Ians Fideos and Clams and Daves Mac and Cheese without the truffles. Both were excellent. They include some of the simpiler dishes that are not necessary and rather silly. A fried egg in the center of a cut out piece of bread? I call those toads in a hole. I suppose this is to appeal to a range of skill.

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