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Thread: Katie Lee Joel - Host

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    The first thing I thought when I saw this show's host was: she's there because of her famous husband. Right away, that's what I thought. I cringe at the way she speaks...it's very slow and painful and it seems like they're editing out all of her apparent "ums, and uhs" that surely must've happened in the real thing. Annoying, Annoying, Annoying...pretty, though. haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl View Post
    Katie Lee Joel is a horrendous host. She's the one blight on an otherwise enjoyable reality show.

    The girl's just useless. I didn't realize she'd had any culinary expertise until I read her bio, because you wouldn't know it from the show. I also would never guess she's Billy Joel's wife because, well, he's old as dirt, and not particularly handsome; she must really love his money music to share a bed with that scraggly curmudgeon.

    I agree with the opinions expressed in this thread--that she's robotic, dull, and has poor speaking skills. Maybe she'll improve with time? God, I hope so. She certainly couldn't get any worse.
    I can't believe how unanimous this sentiment is - but add me to the list, Katie is not the best host they could've chosen for this show!! (or any show?) Completely agree she is the low point for the show - I can't believe how much she is able to drag the show down when she starts talking - takes the air completely out of it. How they paired her up for this show, I don't get it - it just doesn't add up. I find myself being embarrassed for her, she seems way out of her league here. Let's just hope if there is a second season, they make at least one change....

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    She appears to be freshly extruded from the plastic bimbotronic machine,
    all shiny & smooth.

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    I can't stand her!

    FYI- Katie Lee Joel was a "fish girl" at a restaurant in the Hamptons when she met Billy Joel. A "fish girl" shovels out fried fish to customers; about ten steps below waitress. This girl has no cooking background, everything she's done has occurred after her marriage to Billy Joel - her biggest career move. Her voice is soooooo annoying; and has no credentials whatsoever. It's ridiculous she was chosen as host.
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    She's just another person trying to make her way in life. She's cute, she's fairly innocuous, and she got a lucky break through marriage. But that's the way the entertainment industry works. The show is good enough that she only brings it down a notch if you let it. Despite her lack of talent, she doesn't rub me the wrong way quite as badly as Heidi Klum did.
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    I care less for her and I'm soooo over her speech presentation. OMG! I hope she does not speak like that every day in her RL!

    Here is an article I found and it refers to her website as well.



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    I don't particularly dislike her as a person, but I agree she's not the most qualified host. Perhaps, like Heidi Klum, she has an executive producer stake in the show, so she may feel entitled to being host.
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    Main tagline from Katie's website:
    Eat well. Live lightly. Be love.

    Wow!!!! Thank you for that, Katie sweetheart.

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    Look, she has to suffer through having sex with Billy Joel. You have to feel for her.

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    Good God, Krom, I nearly swallowed my tongue after reading that last post!

    My opinion on her still abides, however; she is one of the least charismatic personalities I've ever seen on television. Someone who'd never seen the show before was at my house while I was watching an episode and asked, "What is she there for?" I had no response!

    I really don't see why it shouldn't just be Tom and Gail up there. She's such a non-entity.
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