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Thread: Miguel - Season 1

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    Krispy Kreme bread pudding: so over the top and, like corprip pointed out, not even particularly creative. Paula Deen did that on her cooking show a while back, and even she said that she had gotten the recipe from someone else. I just wanted to vomit, because it was the donuts combined with sweetened condensed milk and, from what I remember, canned fruit salad. Bleh!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    God, did he want to give somebody diabetes? I'll return to this in a second, I need to go get some chocolate, Coke, and a baker's dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts real quick.

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    I finally... finally figured out who Miguel reminds me of! :deep sigh of relief: It was bugging me. I knew there was someone!

    BENJI from the Howard Stern show (I did used to watch that, a looong time ago - for the celeb interviews. Howard always made those funny.) (Not so much in that pic - he must be older-looking now?)

    Anyone else see that show? Check it out. Benji and Miguel - the HNG twins!!
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    He reminds me so much of Little John from Kept, especially in his "Food of Love" ensemble.

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    I didn't see that show. Drat.

    Anyone notice how Miguel seems to jut out his lower jaw with tongue in it? Something about that bugs me. Again not a sign of fastidiousness.

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    MIguel apparently has his own website. Stephen has one, too. Check out his thread here.


    I found an article about Miguel here and the kids/fish episode:


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    Thanks, roses4me! Very interesting.

    The pix on his home page show a sense of fun but I'm not sure how much I'd want a chef to be juggling the food... haha. Still his site is unpretentious and that is nice to see (I haven't seen Stephen's yet! ).

    The recipe for monkey dogs is nice but I wonder how many newspaper readers/home cooks will dice up a monkfish at home? That was one nasty looking fish!

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    Donald Crease

    Fight, fight, fight

    Miguel Morales

    it turns out in his younger days, he was an accomplished boxer, and cannot wait to meet Stephen in some dark alley and wipe the smirk off his face, he'd much rather take on ti-FANNY, but she is too much ti-MANNY for him.

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    Do you know and dislike Tiffani in real life or something, Donald? I notice you call her that in every thread. Just wondering!

    I hope Miguel is doing fine. He kind of skeeved me for some reason on the show, but he seemed like a decent person, deep down.

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    Cute guy but out of his league and that was all about casting to get a mix. I can easily see him make a mark and good money in a small street food place in NYC. Sweet young man. And I don't mean to imply his niche is inferior to his competitors. Quit the opposite, actually.

    This show was looking for something he was not and he can't be faulted for his niche. I prefer his style most of the time.

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