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Thread: Dave - Season 1

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    Damn it Dave! :nono I didn't understand what part of "making 3 dishes" he didn't understand. His explanation was something to the effect of, "Too many numbers in my head..I dunno". Numbers?!
    I saw him frantically writing down stuff when Tom was explaining the challenge, so I have no idea how he could have missed that they needed three dishes. Maybe he was writing down other stuff when it was said.

    Bummer though. I was really hoping that they'd toss out Tiffinator because Dave's dishes were liked more.
    Also, the fact that he's broke... just breaks my heart.

    He wasn't my favorite, but I sure wish he could have been able to do the final challenge.. either a 3 way finale, or 2. Then perhaps he could have dropped that "I always screw up" attitude. Even with screw ups, he always seemed to cook some good vittles.

    I wish him well though.
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    Dave was one of my favorites, but I honestly didn't think he had "earned" his spot in the finals. I'll be honest. But last night, he proved to me and the judges that can and will bring it! I do wish he had calmed down a bit and really listened to the challenge. I firmly believe had he made a 3rd dish, he would've been in the final two. The judges couldn't refuse him after two wins.

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    I'm so over me
    bye Dave.

    Maybe after Harold wins the $100k (fingers crossed), the two of you can open up a restaurant together. hehe

    Seriously, they both excel in areas where the other is weak. Dave was praised for his "front of the house" skills but is weaker than Harold in the kitchen. Harold can make anything delicious but doesn't want to go anywhere near the front of the house. I'd eat there!

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    That's a great idea, I'm_so_over_me! I bet they'd work really well together. They seemed to get along well during the Finale.

    "Good night, honey"... LMBO!

    I was very irked over how Dave was treated and talked down to, and about, by the judges. I'm liking even Katiebot more than the other two at this point, because at least she doesn't say stupid things about Dave! I'll take her monotone or shouting inexplicably over the other two damning Dave with faint praise, any day.

    I wish Dave had even thrown some bread in a basket. Tiffanator's food reeked, the clients all complained about at least two aspects of it. I think Dave would have still done well if he made 3 dishes (not just 2). He has shown his ability to improvise. I'm thinking specifically of the extra wedding hors d'oeurves, now. He just threw those together, last-minute. If he'd remembered about the 3rd dish even 10 minutes before the time was up, he could've tossed together a cold dish, I feel sure. And he'd have been 'safe'. Tiffani's food was crap, it seemed like to me. Did not fit any challenge and the Ka cast looked as if they wanted to barf.

    Too bad Harold didn't notice and nudge Dave about the 3rd dish, or something. I'm sure he'd prefer to be with Dave in the final competition rather than the Red Dragon.

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    I really don't understand the the judges logic- while deciding who to eliminate in the final three they described the female chef's (forgot her name) food as consistently middle of the road. They talked about how much everyone gravitated toward Dave's food Seems to me the judges wanted to created a good vs. evil finale and they neded someone `rotten' to go against Harold. Yes, Dave forgot a dish but they blew it way out of proportion and used it as an excuse to get rid of him. IMO Seems they are saying they prefer a middle of the road chef over someone who made a mistake (which newsflash, is going to happen)
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    Dave: I just wanted to say, as I said in 2 other threads (Finale thread & Harold's thread) that I really hope to try your bread pudding some day! (I don't really eat meat so that limits some of the other recipes). I'm out here in L.A. so if you cook anywhere out here and put out some publicity - I'm gonna show up and order your amazing dessert Bread pudding makes me think of Grandma anyway... it's a Depression-era dessert, I think (made with stale bread and things people afforded back then) and so, an American classic. (Ps, your "take" on it looked realllly good. ) It is actually not easy to make well... a lot of places have it too sticky sweet, or tooo dry. Consistency & sweetness must've been just right for that Finale!

    You heard how they all raved about your dessert. So really you DID get to cook for the Finale, and it WAS all you they were raving about. So fate gave you your moment there, no one can take away from you or spoil.

    Bravo Dave! Also you were so funny at the Finale having to get sauced to be anywhere near Tiff. I can't blame ya! hahaha
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    Donald Crease
    Dave makes for good television, and every so often he comes up with a good dish, and his subtle stabbing of TiFanny at the judges' table in the finale was priceless.

    For all of this Dave should become a maitre 'd at some truly gay bistro, where his outward masculinity can really shine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Crease View Post
    Dave makes for good television, and every so often he comes up with a good dish, and his subtle stabbing of TiFanny at the judges' table in the finale was priceless.

    For all of this Dave should become a maitre 'd at some truly gay bistro, where his outward masculinity can really shine
    And I would be there every day he is, just laughing drinking, crying .. "you want to sit where? .... *WAHHHH*
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    Ha, well, between San Francisco or West Hollywood... I'm sure he could take his pick... and I love WeHo it's a great city. there are some very nice restaurants there. He's one that I'd like to meet if I got granted a wish to meet any of them, and I'd like to try his cooking also. I like comfort foods sometimes and he doesn't lean so heavily on meat like some of them. If I ate meat or had a wedding to cater I'd hire Harold or Lee Anne. NEVER Tiffani for anything. Bad vibes carry over into the food in my opinion.

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