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Thread: Lee Anne - Season 1

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    Have you guys checks out the gallery of pics at chefmiquel.com? Lee Anne is in a couple of them and looking hot!
    It won't let me post it here, but go check them out.

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    Very nice to see. Apparently Miguel and LeeAnne have become friends. I reckon that after the whole snake incident, he appreciated how LeeAnne handled herself at the Judge's table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mozzz View Post
    Actually, the official site has her name spelled as 'Lee Anne' now.

    Her eyebrows are unfortunate, but I have her as our best chance of knocking Tiffani out of this thing, so she definitely gets my vote!
    The weird thing is that we cut and paste these bios directly from Bravo, so they must have had it spelled differently earlier. I'll change the thread title.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl View Post
    This challenge seemed exceedingly cruel, even for a genre of television that delights in humiliating its participants with strenuous, near impossible tasks.

    I was sooo nervous for Lee Anne this week, and felt bad at how upset she was over the outcome of the wedding. But I think she did tremendously well, all things considered. I mean, just to have gotten it done within that scant time frame is amazing enough.


    I thought I was the only twisted one who secretly missed having him around, Courtney! I'm glad I'm not alone.

    Oh Snowy, my Snowy.. we should run away together and hold hands!

    I wondered about LeeAnne signing her name LA.. could be that she saw it was misspelled and was nice enough not to point it out by signing her name as normal. Cool chick.

    Hope she wins, and starts a restaurant with Stephen as head of the microwave station! heh
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    No Flippin' Way!!!!

    I am mighty pissed at the Top Chef honchos right now. What the flippin hell are they smoking???? Lee Ann going home over Tiffy-nanny is just wrong !!!!!! I am a total foodie and amateur chef with a lot of history behind a stove (father was a professional chef as well) and I can tell you that all things being equal, (which I feel Tiffany and Lee Ann were, skill wise) there is no way in hell that Tiffy would be picked to work in a professional kitchen over Lee Ann. The woman doesn't play nice nor is she a team player, both of which are very important in keeping the kitchen running smoothly They kept her over Lee Ann for the drama, pure and simple. Bad choice guys.

    Now I'm heading over to Egullet and Chowhound to rant some more!

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    As I said in the show thread:

    When Chef A pretty consistently delivers, both in terms of food and professionalism, over a series of challenges, while Chef B generally underwhelms, but then *one* final challenge determines that Chef B gets a top 3 spot in Vegas over Chef A, something is wrong with the selection process.

    I wonder what Tom C. said to Lee Anne afterward about this, seeing as how he was pretty upset (per his blog) that Dave got what should have been Lee Anne's spot in the top 3.

    Interestingly, though, TV imitates life. You work hard, do a consistently excellent job, but it's your co-worker (who is less hard working or productive, but who makes an impression on the boss at just the right, opportune moment) who gets the promotion.

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    Ms Fooey

    Glad you are here to give us some insight into the show.

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    I'm very unhappy with the decision to let Lee Ann go. She far more deserved to go than Dave. Not that I don't like Dave. I do. But LeeAnn was more consistent and earned that spot throughout the entire show.

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    ITA that LeeAnn was more talented and deserving of the final 3 than Dave. But in many ways, I think it played out like a tennis match where one competitor scores more points, but the other wins the match. It's not just a matter of being the better player - it's also a matter of WHEN you score your points. LeeAnn had truly one weak showing the entire competition -- it just happened to be at the most wrong time possible.

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    ms.fooey aka Lee Anne.. I must say that I was your staunchest supporter from the get-go..although it wasn't as if I was alone. I think everyone here at the Fort who watched this series from the start has liked and/or rooted for you.
    So, with that said.. last night I actually got really pissed and sad..all at the same time. The fact that they evicted you before her was an outright ripoff!

    Tiffatassanny has NOT been as consistent as you in the challenges. Not to mention, if the judges took into account the fact that you've always been a very neutral, friendly competitor willing to assist, guide, step aside and be an all around TEAM PLAYER.. you'd of been flying to Vegas with spatula in hand.

    How did the judges get away from the fact that David was the Pepper Monkey with his dish?? Strange how there wasn't even a mention (that I can remember) of that with the judges. Editing I suppose.

    I will remain a huge fan of yours, and I sure do hope to hear about all of your current and future success stories. You were a class act on the show and I appreciate how you were portrayed throughout.

    Pork Rulez.
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