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Thread: 2/15 Top Chef Colorado - Show Discussion

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    Re: 2/15 Top Chef Colorado - Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by provenceguy View Post
    Yeah, was a reference to that.
    Revenge is ice cream.

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    Re: 2/15 Top Chef Colorado - Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by sunnydayz View Post
    That it is. Although this time she didn't have a whole lot of options after being left with only onions, lemons, and ?(some other minor ingredient.)

    I wondered while watching, why TPTB went to the trouble of showing the chef make the snarky comment about Carrie ("she's not gonna win with toast again"....+ bleeped words, etc.) I think it was Joe F who said it. He said it so quietly. Why show it? I thought it just made him look bad and was unnecessary.

    I was sad to see Chris go.
    I think it was Joe S/Mustache Joe who said it to the other Joe. About how “if she wins with ****ing tartines again...”
    I can kind of see the point. It is toast, albeit fancy toast. But, I mean, she had limited ingredients, no meat products...and toast can be tasty so...
    I thought the baked goods would be judged more closely in the finale as they were a stipulated item. But then Joe won and he seemed to have the worst baked good so...and the British chef made a remark that seemed a bit negative about cornbread in the testing segment, and, lo, the contestants who made cornbreads -although they apparently tasted good, better than Joe’s profiteroles or the other woman’s dry bread -were at the bottom. Meh. I am probably just salty because I didn’t want Chris to go.
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    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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