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Thread: Top Chef Seattle 2/6 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: Top Chef Seattle 2/6 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    rfromp, you are so accurate with your posts....it isn't just Top Chef, it's most of the Bravo shows....and a lot of others also. They've taken "reality" shows into a whole different category. TPTB cant' seem to leave things alone...do they not realize that we can see thru all of this?
    I'm particularly annoyed when I listen to the "Chatter" of the judges after trying what the chefs have produced....it's like they are told they have to play "good cop, bad cop."
    It just doesn't' make sense to us, no matter how they try to frame their judgements, on who is eliminated and who isn't.
    Just look how this season has played out.......Josie goes on and on and on while Kristin is eliminated early.

    I'm tired of being manipulated. Just give me the contestants, honest judgements and let it play out naturally. What's wrong with that?
    Sheldon is NOT that good! and as I said before, he appears limited in his abilities compared to the others. And I'm tired of his "poor me" attitude.
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    Re: Top Chef Seattle 2/6 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    The only way to ensure impartiality would be to judge the dishes blind like they do on "The Taste". I don't think TPTB will go for that though, what if there wasn't a story good enough for them? Everybody has a story, what makes someone's story better than another's? What's the criteria? How about judging the food instead of the story. Sheldon will be in the final and just may win it all, regardless of the quality of his food.

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    Re: Top Chef Seattle 2/6 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I've been out of town and missed a couple of episodes. Imagine our surprise and delight when they were using the crab shack where we had lunch in Juneau last year! I wonder when it was filmed. We were there in late July/early August, and the weather looked just like their weather!

    Juneau - Icy Straight 116.jpgJuneau - Icy Straight 117.jpg

    Edited to add: The crab bisque was really good!
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