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Thread: Top Chef 1/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Top Chef 1/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Please keep all discussion in here until 11PM PT / 2AM ET.

    Enjoy the show!
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    Re: Top Chef 1/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Aw, poor Bev. She let the clock beat her at the QF and then gets knocked out due to some "sticky" sauce on a nit-pick. I really wanted the judges to go all Ramsay on Sarah's risotto and send her packing.

    This was a nice episode otherwise. Everyone did fairly well, there wasn't a whole lot of bitchiness, the food was interesting, and the challenge was individual. Plus Ripert and his indecipherable accent! Love him!! Still not sold on the Snow White movie though...the heavy promotion should have packed its knives instead.
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    Re: Top Chef 1/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoneGrrrl View Post
    Still not sold on the Snow White movie though...the heavy promotion should have packed its knives instead.
    Me, too, but guess that's what we get since they know with our DVR's we fast forward thru the commercials. I've noticed a lot of shows, working in products this way. I think I prefer it to commericals though, even if it is so very obvious.
    I vacillate between liking Bev and wanting to shake her sometimes. She's driven and seems to be a very good chef but she's so timid and needs to develop a stronger personality.
    Noticed Sarah didn't have anything mean to say tonight...she's probably delighted that Bev is gone. But then who will she now pick on? The other women don't look like they would take her nastyness.
    Grayson's chicken dinner gave me the creeps but I have to applaud her for making it. I would have had a hard time taking the first bite.

    I watched carefully tonight at all the judges and how they used their utensils while eating. They all seem to do the same thing and it seems like a variation on the typical European style. They seem to use their knives for many things, not just for cutting like we do here.
    Now I'm wondering how they all know how to eat this way and I never even heard of it. Where did they learn this? because they all were doing the same thing.

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    Re: Top Chef 1/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Did you know there is an eighth dwarf, and that the Queen is a serial killer? The promotion was heavy, but it made for a fun challenge for the chefs and the judges enjoyed it. I enjoyed it as well though I would have liked to have seen Sarah and risotto go rather than Bev and her sticky sauce.
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    Re: Top Chef 1/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I wonder if Bev wasn't raised to believe that the best thing to do with bullies is ignore them or that it isn't appropriate to stoop to their level. Theoretically that sounds good, but it doesn't always work. I wish the judges would have told the chefs who kept trying to throw her under the bus that it wasn't about what other people did--it was about why their food wasn't as good as it should be. Heather and Sarah are just mean girls who need someone to put them in their places.

    I can't stand it when other people get blamed in judging unless it's a team situation and the people being blamed really screwed up. Bev doesn't seem to be that bad a chef--she just isn't a big, abrasive personality. Considering how often we see big, abrasive, egotistical personalities on competitive cooking shows, I'm starting to find them irritating. I mean, do you have to scream and carry on and behave as if you're the grandest person on the planet to run a kitchen?
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    Re: Top Chef 1/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Yeah as you don't need to have a big abrasive personality like Bev. Don't know how others work for her on a regular basis and not just on Top Chef. She needs to grow up.
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    Re: Top Chef 1/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I almost don't want to admit it, but I was so glad to see Bev go that I did a fist pump and yelled. My dog looked at me funny.

    Bev was just annoying. I don't like mean girls either, but I think they are encouraged to behave that way, and to brag and carry on somewhat for the drama.

    We all know reality television isn't all real.

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