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Thread: Top Chef 11/2 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: Top Chef 11/2 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Padma was brought up vegetarian, but she added meat to her diet in her teen years after tasting a Carl's Jr. hamburger, which is why she ended up doing a commercial for them:
    'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi takes a bite out of Carl's Jr.

    Beautiful women and beefy burgers ... a dangerous combination, you say?

    "Top Chef" host and former model Padma Lakshmi is going the Paris Hilton route by teaming up to promote Carl's Jr. in a steamy commercial.

    The culinary cutie chows down on a Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger in the ad, reveling in every bacon-laden bite.

    But the sultry star isn't just indulging for the camera. In her own cookbook "Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet," she credits the grab and go burger joint for awakening her from her vegetarian slumber as a teenager.

    "The sublimely pleasurable taste of bacon ... was further enhanced by its mingling with the barbeque sauce, greedily licked off as it dripped down my teenage fingers," she wrote.
    I really like her now -- I admit it took me a season or so to get used to her, but then I remember her showing her more fun and playful side in that season 3 episode when she woke up Casey, Hung, CJ, Sara and Brian to make her breakfast before they left Miami for NYC, where they had that challenge on the plane.

    The jury's still out on Emeril -- I'm still wondering if seeing him every week will be too much of an okay thing. But then he's a judge, so we probably won't see as much of him other than during the tasting and the judging, but who knows.
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    Re: Top Chef 11/2 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**1

    I don't see how they would let Emeril remain too laid back or nicey nicey. All of the judges have their biting comments at one time or another. Who knows it may be a big surprise as to how he judges. If he doesn't get in there and "dish" it out, I'm sure he will be gone next season.
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    Re: Top Chef 11/2 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Lets mix this up ... I like Padma and I like Emeril, too, and hopefully Emeril will lighten up! ;-)

    BTW, Padma is not a vegetarian. I think she was raised a vegetarian, but, today, she eats meat ;-)

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    Re: Top Chef 11/2 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Oh, my, This Tyler Stone is cocky! Prior to his televised elimination on Sept 29 ...

    Appetizers: Talking with Sacramento "Top Chef" hopeful Tyler Stone by Chris Macias

    Just got off the phone with Sacramento chef Tyler Stone, who's going to be featured on the upcoming season of "Top Chef: Texas." He's one of 29 chefs from around the country who made the cut for this season - which is twice as many contestants as previous seasons - but will be soon whittled down to 16 once the season kicks in Nov. 2 on Bravo.

    Stone is something like the Doogie Howser of Sacramento's culinary scene: He enrolled in culinary school at age 11, cooked at The Kitchen with owner Randall Selland for local TV at age 13, and even has a cookbook under his belt ("The Kid's Cooking"). Now 23, Stone launched his own line of knives, and also works as a private chef around the Sacramento area and beyond. You can read about this and plenty more dish in my Q&A interview with Stone that's running in next Wednesday's Food & Wine section.

    In the meantime, check out Stone's casting video from Top Chef's web site. The kid is a hoot ...
    A reader commented about how fabulous he and his food is.

    Anyway, on Oct 5,

    El Camino grad lands on 'Top Chef - Recipes - sacbee.com by Chris Macias

    "Top Chef" is finally about to get a taste of Sacramento. Tyler Stone, a local chef and graduate of El Camino Fundamental High School, made the cut and will be featured on "Top Chef: Texas," which kicks off Nov. 2 on the Bravo network.

    Stone is one of 29 hopefuls who will be whittled down to 16 contestants soon after the season starts, with its action-packed mix of cook-offs and blunt dressing-downs by the judging panel.

    Stone has had a different career path compared with his competition. The 23-year-old has never served as a chef at a restaurant. Instead, he works as a private chef and also leads cooking demonstrations. Stone has cooked for the likes of the Doobie Brothers, the Maloof family, dignitaries and alongside such culinary superstars as Masaharu Morimoto and Charlie Trotter.

    Stone is also a burgeoning culinary entrepreneur. He's the author of a self-published cookbook, "The Kid's Cooking," and also sells his own line of knives and gourmet goods through his website, Chef Tyler Stone.

    So who exactly is Stone, and what might be his chances during "Top Chef: Texas"?

    Here's what Stone had to say in a recent phone call.

    Chef, first of all, congratulations for making the cut on "Top Chef."

    You can just call me Tyler.

    Oh, OK. I'm just so used to calling chefs "chef" instead of their name. I thought it was a sign of respect in the cooking world.

    I'm just more casual, I guess. I like to keep it real. (laughs)

    OK, Tyler, well, congratulations once again. So when did cooking become such a passion of yours?

    I started in the kitchen around age 4. I got a toy present one year for Christmas where you could make little french fries out of bread. At age 11, I went to a small hole-in-the-wall culinary academy and went there for a few summers. It really kept me excited about the culinary arts and cooking.

    I've had my own business since I was 12 or 13, and as I got older and more experienced, I got bigger and bigger parties and more clientele. I also had a chance to do a drop-in at The Kitchen and work with Randall Selland when I was 13.

    Wow, you're like the Doogie Howser of cooking.

    Basically, but I'm much cooler. (laughs)

    There are 29 contestants at the start of this season's "Top Chef." What do you think makes you stand out and qualified to be the "Top Chef?"

    One of the things I've prided myself on is being about quality and having a standard, and striving to improve that standard. My aesthetic is a real appreciation for the presentation for each dish. How something looks affects your appreciation of it.

    I also really like to have a good time and convey that to my guests and clients. I'm laid-back but professional at the same time.

    How would you describe your overall style as a chef?

    I like a lot of new avant garde and molecular cooking techniques. I really like to use exotic ingredients that not a lot of chefs use, like black garlic from South Korea. I like pairing different ingredients from around the world with different techniques. I like cooking with Indian, Thai and Japanese techniques, and prepare them with French flavors.

    I want to try new things, but I have to make it somewhat approachable and somewhat familiar but different enough where people walk away saying, "I'm glad I had that."

    You haven't worked in a restaurant, unlike the other contestants. Do you think that puts you at a disadvantage?

    Quite honestly, I've worked in big kitchens. A lot of events I do are in hotels, so you have to be very accurate in a fast-paced environment. I'm very quick and effective with a good knife. Adaptability is very important to what I do. I may not be in a set place every day. I might be in San Francisco or Los Angeles. I'm in a new environment constantly, so being able to think fast and on your feet is an important thing.

    So you've got "Top Chef" airing soon, the cookbook, the line of knives and other products. What else do you see in your future?

    People are always asking, "When's your restaurant coming out?" When you're a young guy, you have time, and I like being able to do private events and travel. I like doing projects like the book and knife line. I want to do more events out of state, and I'll be furthering my product line of salad dressing, herbs and salts. And hopefully there's more TV work on the horizon.
    Followed by a recipe for Mediterranean lamb burgers ...

    Anyway, the local boy does good love fest ends this way ...

    November 3, 2011

    Appetizers: Sacramento's Tyler Stone eliminated from "Top Chef"

    Well, that was quick. Before you can say, "And now, a word from our sponsors," Sacramento's Tyler Stone was given the boot within minutes of "Top Chef: Texas'" season debut Wednesday night. Stone, a local private chef, joined 28 other "Top Chef" contestants vying for 16 slots, wielding their knife skills and usual array of funky headbands and tattoos.

    Stone, however, was immediately put on the chopping block by host Tom Colicchio after Sacramento's own botched a butchering job on a slab of pork. The decision must've gone down like a big hunk of humble pie, with the 23-year-old Stone shown earlier in the show bragging about cooking for celebrities and creating his own cookbooks in three and-a-half weeks.

    "I think you should just leave now," said Colicchio, after looking at the remnants of Stone's butchering job.

    So, are Stone's 15 minutes up, or can we expect to see more of him? Here's what Stone had to say in a phone call:

    The Bee: Well, all I can say is, "Ouch."
    Stone: It's hurting you more than it hurts me. It doesn't bother me that much at all from all the comments I've received. I know my abilities and the truth behind my skills.

    The Bee: You came off as a cocky young whipper-snapper, but do you think that's really you or something that was just played up for TV?
    Stone: A lot of people mistake my confidence for arrogance. I'm a young guy, and like a lot of young guys I don't take it so seriously. Some chefs want to kill themselves after being downgraded a (Michelin) star. It's not about that for me. It's about making sure guests are having good food and wine and are enjoying themselves.

    The Bee: How was the experience of being on the show and standing in from of Tom Colicchio, Emeril Lagasse and Padma (Lakshmi)?
    Stone: I've had the chance to cook with ("Iron Chef") Morimoto and Daniel Boulud, so I've had a chance to work around highly respected chefs. I'm not knocking his cooking, but I think of Emeril first and foremost as a great showman. So when I was first in the kitchen, I thought this is cool but it doesn't faze me because I'm used to it.

    Me going on as a personal chef, I think it was a disadvantage. Tom has said publicly that all chefs should pay rent. If you're not in a brick and mortar, you're at a disadvantage in his eyes. He comes from an old-school mentality and I get that. You go through the ranks and pay your dues. But other great chefs haven't gone that route and are getting better reviews than he's getting.

    The Bee: Are you going to work on your butchering?
    Stone: My philosophy has always been that you don't need to know everything in the world, but you need to know where to get that information. If I need to know something, I have the drive to find it out for myself. But I definitely would love to know more about butchering.

    I tried to explain this over Twitter - and my uncle sells (high-end) butchering equipment - but most chefs are buying their meat pre-fabricated. They don't have the space in the kitchen to butcher whole animals most of the time. When I had that hacksaw on the show, I was smiling because I thought it would be easy. But I think they got it at an auto parts store. I started cutting chops and noticed this thing wasn't going through and it wasn't a pretty sight, but the cleaver wasn't going through either. With fine-tooth bonesaw it might've gone (differently).

    The Bee: How are you looking back on this experience, and where do you go from here?
    Stone: They didn't show me expertly slicing an apple like "Iron Chef" Sakai. They only focused on me with a hacksaw cutting through a large piece of pork. You didn't see the whole spectrum.

    I've got all kinds of stuff in the works. I'm looking at my product line, other books and have lots of events lined up. I'm just a busy guy and this does not slow me down one bit. You always run across people, and some might try and bring you down, but I'm just doing what I love to do.
    Followed by multiple comments ... lets just say, the boy is no longer regarded as quite so fabulous by the locals. I didn't bother to check out his Twitter, but imagine he took a bit of a licking there, too ...
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    Re: Top Chef 11/2 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    lol, agreed about Padma, she could be replaced with the "Watch What Happens Next" guy at any point and no one would know the difference.

    I love the new format. They have to cook their way onto the show. Similar to MasterChef. Top Chef was getting stale but this has injected new life into the series and I'm looking forward to this season.

    The pork butcher guy properly hacked that loin into oblivion and I didn't care for him saying he wasn't butchering for everybody but only for his chop when asked by Tom. And then he asks Tom to give him a chance. He blew it trying to be the hero when he had no clue as to what he was doing. At least he girl whose loin it was gets to cook again and didn't have her chance to be on the show ruined for her.

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    Re: Top Chef 11/2 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I adore Padma and have from day one. I love to watch her eat; when she loves something it shows and I want it too! I like her calm presense and think she is an excellent host and judge.

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