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Thread: Just Desserts 2 - 10/19 Show Discussion

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    Just Desserts 2 - 10/19 Show Discussion

    The three finalists are chosen!

    Use this thread to discuss the 10/19 episode "Dessert in Disguise."
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    Re: Just Desserts 2 - 10/19 Show Discussion

    As much as I really disliked Orlando and was waiting for him to get sent home, I really felt that Chris should have been the one to go last night. Chris used puff pastry dough (that he didn't even make) to resmeble a savory dish that's main component is puff pastry dough. I don't see any creativity in that. I thought he was going to get raked over the coals by the judges for a) not making his own and b) picking something that already has pastry qualities to begin with. But the judges raved about how cool it was and it looked just like Beef Wellington (not really French either). Well it was supposed to look just like the savory dish it was mimicking- that was the whole point. Everyone else's did too and theirs were all homemade. I think they wanted the buddies- Matt and Chris- to duke it out at the finale.

    I thought this was a really cool challenge and would like to see it maybe reversed on regular Top Chef. Make a savory dish into something that looks like a dessert.

    I was happy to hear Orlando realized he didn't know everything afterall and learned something about himself in the end too.

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    Re: Just Desserts 2 - 10/19 Show Discussion

    I was glad Orlando went home. It does appear perhaps he learned something, so that's good. I wasn't surprised that Chris didn't go home for the prepackaged puff pastry. It didn't appear they knew he did that until he fessed up. It must have tasted good enough. I thought it was interesting that Johnny obviously researched Beef Wellington after his discussion with Chris.

    Happy to see Sally win after her near melt-down. I thought they all did a great job visually.

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    Re: Just Desserts 2 - 10/19 Show Discussion

    I thought they did a really great job in the editing of Orlando this episode. He's been painted as the villian we all wanted to see go home all season. But for this episode, between his talking about his family rejecting him for a time and his admitting that he's learned from doing Top Chef that he can learn from criticism, they made him really likable. Instead of cheering that he was finally gone, I felt sympathy for him, which was a classy thing for the producers to do. Based on the appearance of the two bottom dishes, I can understand why he went home. Of all the dishes, I thought his liked "like" paella, as in a child's copy (well not quite that bad ... but you knew it wasn't real) while the others appeared on the plate to BE the dish, and you had to bite into it to know it wasn't.

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