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Thread: Dale Talde - All-Stars

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    Dale Talde - All-Stars

    Dale Talde, Season 4
    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    Resides: New York, NY
    Dale Talde is currently the Chef de Cuisine at Buddakan in New York City. His passion for food started at an early age as he watched his mother cook. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, he went back to Chicago where he helped open Jean George Vongerichten’s Vong. He has also worked with James Beard award winning chefs Carrie Nahabedian and Shawn McClain. In 2005, he moved to New York City to open Morimoto with the Iron Chef, Masaharu Morimoto. Since his last appearance on Top Chef, his travels have taken him to the Philippines, Spain, the Caribbean, and throughout the U.S. “I’ve definitely done some growing up over the past few years, both personally and professionally, and I hope it shows in my daily life and in my food.” Dale looks forward to this shot at redemption and hopes that this will springboard his latest restaurant concepts and business ventures.
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    Re: Dale Talde - All-Stars

    Dale is doing so well this season. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he makes it to F3 and maybe even win the whole enchilada.

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    Re: Dale Talde - All-Stars

    Uh-oh, no more Dale. I was so disappointed he was eliminated, but it was his own doing. It seems he couldn't get into the groove for this elimination challenge. Now I hope Antonia does her best to win the whole thing.

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    Re: Dale Talde - All-Stars

    I am soooo bummed Dale left. His tears just killed me.
    What a great exit speech though. Loved how he said he didn't like himself much during the first go-around and took it out on others, but now he's in a better place.
    Dale, dude, you were my favourite. Be proud of yourself, you're a good guy.

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    Re: Dale Talde - All-Stars

    Dale wasn't a favorite of mine, but I did think his farewell speech was very good and made him seem that much more likable.

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    Re: Dale Talde - All-Stars

    From Park Slope to Pork Slope!

    Dale Talde Talks Pork Slope Opening, Therapy After Top Chef, And Jameson Shots (PHOTOS)

    The Huffington Post | By Inae Oh Posted: 06/20/2012 4:35 pm Updated: 06/21/2012 5:21 pm

    After being heralded for cooking up the best dumplings in the city and creating the Filipino answer to America's apple pie, the team from Dale Talde's eponymous Park Slope restaurant Talde doesn't seem to be taking any time to enjoy their recent success, as Dale and crew are busy launching a new pork venture in the neighborhood aptly named Pork Slope.

    John Bush, David Massoni, and Dale Talde are hoping to open the new, American roadhouse inspired bar, which will be packed with menu items including griddle burgers, chili con carne, and Italian sausage, by July or August.

    "Top Chef" famously brought out some rather unflattering portraits of the talented chef, who was known for his sporadic bursts, even earning him the nickname Angry Dale.

    We checked in with Talde to talk pork, Jameson shots, and attending therapy post-"Top Chef" fame:

    Describe the concept behind Pork Slope:
    This is a nod to every dive bar me, Bush, and Massoni have ever dreamt of opening. Growing up in Chicago, I grew up eating some of the best bar food in the country-from Italian beef, gyros, Chicago-style hot dogs, and the most excellent buffalo wings. I took a lot from this bar near my parents house in Chicago that does just that. We go whenever we know we want to get drunk and not drive. It's where you still recognize guys you went to high school with, who are now taking their kids who just played a Little League game.

    You say Pork Slope will have wine on tap and nearly 50 types of beer. What's your go-to drink?
    Yeah, we're going to have everything ranging from Miller High Life to great, local artisanal brews. But for me, Jameson, definitely Jameson. I'll have a bunch of shots of Jameson, maybe six or seven, and possibly wash down with beer. But I'm not that much of a beer drinker either. In the summertime, I go with Stoli.

    What are some of your favorite places to get loaded in New York?
    When I first moved to the city, I found this place called Yakitori Taisho on St. Marks Place. It's just great. Open late, serves cheap pitchers of beer. I also love Corner Bistro in the Village. That place is a total dive and has the best burgers.

    What about some of your favorite Park Slope or Brooklyn haunts?
    I love Franny's, Two 8 Two Burger, Colonie, and Bar Henry. I could go on.

    Can you discuss your decision to go to therapy after "Top Chef?"
    Being on Top Chef, I had the rare opportunity to step outside and see how people perceive me. And when I was looking at how I acted on the show, I just didn't like it at all and it was embarrassing. I've always wanted to work on becoming a better person, a more patient person. And after Top Chef, I learned how to love who I am. When you love who you are, all your relationships become easier. I'm still trying to find time to keep at it too, but with Pork Slope and Talde, it's almost impossible at the moment.

    Have you visited Mission Chinese yet?
    Oh definitely. What Danny's doing over there is just perfect. I'm a big fan. The food is exactly what you want it to be: unapologetically spicy as f***. I love their congee; it reminds me of being home.
    There is a slideshow of some of the dishes on the menu underneath the story: Link
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