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Thread: Just Desserts - 10/6 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: Just Desserts - 10/6 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Advantage;4083549;
    Your assumption is most likely correct. At the very least, the chain of events leading to Seth's exit did not happened like it was shown on the episode. On TV, it was edited to make it look like Seth had his meltdown as the chefs were waiting for the set change for the challenge. The chefs then returned to draw scoops after the blow up. But according to Seth [on another board], he had already drawn Rocky Road and he had issues because he wanted to use another sorbet. Seth [also] states he is not currently making his living by cooking, which comes as no surprise.
    Thanks. Very interesting. I hope Seth gets some professional help, because he sure seems to need it.
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    Re: Just Desserts - 10/6 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Harvest;4083449;
    Thank you, good call! I noticed the Turkish guy accused yet another person of being "selfish" in the second episode, and where I was thinking that he himself was selfish and projecting, I think "narcissism" is the more apt term. It applies to the tall girl with black hair and the older Heather as well. Note that those three were the most disturbed by Seth (at least in their need to act out about it), probably because they are the most like him (in the way you described). As soon as he left, old Heather broke out in a rash of crazy and lashed out at yet another cheftestant. At least Seth wasn't also "cold, indifferent, and soulless" in addition to his craziness.
    I too noticed Yigit doing this and called him out on it for that episode.
    I also noticed early on how stressful this show would be if it really is all about measurements and timing. Human brains are not long term ratio calculators and there is a reason why doing desserts is usually the kiss of death. This show is not easily suited for it.

    Anyways want to mention the hurricane comment. Yigit said that Seth unleashed a hurricane and that nobody could stop it or such, like what was to come was already set in motion. Funny how true that rang. Even after he left and everybody was so relieved, we still had a 2 insecure contestants, an irrational freak out, and a self elimination.

    Does Seth leaving change anything? No. In fact his attitude might have kept everybody else in check by setting the bad example. With him gone, it's like they just gave into it.

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    Re: Just Desserts - 10/6 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I know I'm getting into this discussion late (I've been playing catch-up with this season on DVR)...

    I'm surprised that no one else has mentioned this, but I think I have a two word explanation for Seth's obvious mental imbalance:

    'Roid Rage.

    Seriously. When getting a glimpse of him without a shirt on and seeing how ripped he is (and, ooh baby, is he RIPPED... too bad it's Seth's head attached to that bod), it really makes me wonder. He certainly displays some of the classic symptoms: wild mood swings, bouncing back and forth between passive lucidity and agressive mania, sweating, nervousness... hell, even the cystic acne (was anyone else entirely grossed out by the Frankenbolt on the side of his neck???)

    I'm not saying it's fact, but it sure would explain a lot. Either way, I'm both relieved and bummed he's gone... relieved because I was honestly concerned he was going to hurt himself or one of the other contestants. Bummed because he was one of the most glorious train-wrecks in the history of reality TV.
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