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Thread: Stephen Hopcraft - Top Chef 7

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    Stephen Hopcraft - Top Chef 7

    Stephen Hopcraft
    Contestant, Top Chef 7

    Age: 40
    Hometown: Cleveland, OH – currently resides in Las Vegas, NV
    Profession: Executive Chef, Seablue at the MGM Grand
    Culinary Education: AOS, California Culinary Academy in San Francisco
    Favorite Recipe: Agholitti, a small pasta filled with goat cheese tossed in olive oil and tomato water.

    Over-the-top and without a filter, Stephen has spent more than 12 years establishing new restaurants nationwide for award-winning chef and restaurateur Michael Mina. Currently the Executive Chef at Mina’s Seablue, the AAA Four Diamond restaurant at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, he has also worked alongside other high-profile chefs including Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter. A proud father of 14-month-old twins, Stephen’s style is all about putting a playful twist on classic dishes to create cutting-edge food.

    Official Bravo Bio Page

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    Re: Stephen Hopcraft - Top Chef 7

    This one is the problem child! He looks sweet and inoffensive in this photo. "No filter" should mean drama!

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    Re: Stephen Hopcraft - Top Chef 7

    3 Ohio boys.. even if one has gone already.. im pretty impressed! Go Ohio!
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