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Thread: Top Chef 12/2 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Re: Top Chef 12/2 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by MHcarrollton;3763902;
    Just the fact that they do not blind test the food leads me to believe they take all of the prior contests into consideration.

    I think that they should just all blind test the food, and than eliminate the one that gets the most bad comments. The judges do not need to go to the tables to collect the food, they could just be at a table away from the contestants and have the food brought to them randomly for tasting.

    Same thing for Project Runway. Just have the fashions go down the runway with no idea who they belonged to. That way it would be totally fair who went home.
    Had never thought about it, but I think your suggestions would improve both shows. It was real obvious on Project Runway this year that Heidi had a problem with Gordana, and since Heidi was the only judge who was there for the entire season, I think it hurt Gordana.

    So I second your motion!
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    Re: Top Chef 12/2 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    I got completely irritated long before the end with the bickering between the two brothers. I was hoping Kevin - or anyone other than one of the brothers - would win it. I'm disappointed.

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    Re: Top Chef 12/2 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Michael has too much bitchassness in him, for me. Michael as the winner ----->
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    Re: Top Chef 12/2 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by angelwings;3763140;
    While I'm happy to see a deserving final 3 make it to the end I agree with many of the comments here that Bravo wanted the Brothers V to make it to the end for the drama, I think Jen is just as good as the men (even if she had a slip or two along the way) and that she should had gone to the finals over Michael V.

    We can only judge by how the food looks and take into consideration the judges comments, to me it seemed Michael V had one dish that totally failed, the egg dish did not look appetizing and the judges were critical of the texture and I don't remember anyone commenting that it tasted all that great. Also, I was surprised Tom held it against Jen that she didn't grill the duck, if you watch again you will see the shock on Jen's face when Tom comments she seemed 'scattered' you can see she did not agree by the look on her face.
    I would had preferred Jen over Michael but as I said I'm glad to see three great chefs in the final b/c when I think back on past seasons such as when Lisa made it to top 3, Hosea winning or Ilan winning, I'm actually okay with this outcome. Come to think of it I might enjoy watching Kevin or Bryan beat Michael who's arrogance I find really grating at times.
    I commented in the subsequent episode thread that this year's editing did not at all reflect judges discussion on their bravo blog.

    Where Michael failed is not taking the time to (I think) drain his egg, let the egg dry off, that for otherwise, he presented a perfect egg.

    Moreover, Tom commented that although Jen failed to grill her duck, that she recovered beautifully by thinking fast and cooking her duck in another fashion, but cut the episode for heavy handed salt ... both plates, and one entirely inedible. It appears that Jen was not familiar with a, in effect, saltier (by volume) flake salt and used it sparingly as she would a granulated salt.

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    Re: Top Chef 12/2 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Just a reminder the Top Chef Reunion will be on at 9pm instead of 10pm.
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