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Thread: Top Chef All-Star Reunion Show Discussion Thread - 11/04

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    Re: Top Chef All-Star Reunion Show Discussion Thread - 11/04

    First of all, let me say that Marcel getting hit over the head with a bottle is not the same as what happened to him on the show. Those people were not out to harm him, though it was indeed immature noone was thinking of causing him any physical pain. That woman could have killed him. Cliff and Co. were acting like bullies, but it did start out as a joke that went too far. Had Cliff known when to let go it would not have escalated as it did.

    So when does being socially immature excuse you from suffering the consequences of your abrasive behaviors? Those consequences should not be having your head shaved, but don't be surprised when you are an outcast. Marcel could care less how he speaks to someone else, if their feelings are hurt, or how insulting he can be. He seems to want people to feel "small" when they speak to him. As for his "not wanting to talk about the incident" that's always come off as bull to me. The episode where the incident happened and he was at the judge's table he was totally playing the victim while trying to appear not to do so. He had every right to be the victim, it would have been so much more satisfying had he just been a man about it without that "poor pitiful me" undertone.

    Marcel is an ass because he thinks it's entertaining. He has every capability of being civil to people. We've seen it with Ilan, and of course he's friends with Hung. What was all of that snarking about? You get what you give in this world, and if all you give people is salty behavior don't expect sugar in return.

    As for extending his 15 minutes, you're darn right I believe that. They're all guilty of it. It helps them promote what they are doing now. The difference is the others are not acting above it all. They are participating and taking it for what it is and milking it. Marcel is acting like he gets nothing from this and they invite him because they need him. Well if he could admit that they need each other it would be much easier to take his act.
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    Re: Top Chef All-Star Reunion Show Discussion Thread - 11/04

    Quote Originally Posted by ryansmommy;3746498;
    Assault charges for what? Unrequited rough house playing?

    Other than considering the program a bore, my only other comment would be, Marcell needs a haircut ...
    Rough House Playing: The wrestling hold that Cliff put on a sleeping Marcel with Marcel's face in the rug was a "Full Nelson". When I was in the military I had the full nelson applied to my person by another petty officer who was demonstrating the correct way to apply the hold. I came away from the demo with the feeling that I could have ended up with separated vertebrae in my neck and possible spinal cord damage. This being a demo the other petty officer applied only minimal pressure - a few more lbs of pressure I didn't want to think about.

    So picture a sleeping Marcel jarred awake in the hold of a giant (Cliff probably outweighed Marcel by 100 lbs) - If a drunken Cliff had applied the hold correctly and exerted extra pressure to hold a thrashing Marcel attempting to escape, the end result could have been tragic - worse case scenario would be another Christopher Reeve and maybe the cancellation of Top Chef.

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