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Thread: Top Chef 4/9 Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: Top Chef 4/9 Discussion **Spoilers**

    I have to agree with a "blog" I read earlier in that nothing these "chefs" have cooked so far Wows me. And I believe it is wrong from Tom to be able to view the kitchen while they are cooking. It seems totaling unfair. But they are a funny group of characters.

    Lisa winning last Wed. was totally hilarious. I totaling screamed out loud!

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    Re: Top Chef 4/9 Discussion **Spoilers**

    Thanks for the banner! I just noticed it.

    One thing I'm surprised about this season is the disparaging comments the chefs make about the guest chefs. Ryan mentioned (bragged about) working for a short time with 2 of the guest chefs which put up a red flag for me that was justified when the one chef said he didn't like him. Afterall there can't be many positive reasons for employment to be of a short duration.

    All of the chefs should be happy that Zoi is gone. Despite what her partner says she hasn't shown that she can produce tasty, good food. She is not someone I would want to be on a team with.

    This ep had two teams that fought over their dishes and one ends up the winner and one the loser. hmmm At first I sympathized with Dale about Lisa the Griper winning the trip, but if she hadn't forced him and Stephanie to come up with a better idea than a (lame) deviled egg in order to get her on board with the team they very likely wouldn't have been the winning team. It looked to me that Lisa wanted something Asian, but didn't have any good suggestions, however she did do more than just make bacon.

    The losers would have been better off going with Spike's soup idea as long as they didnt involve Zoi in the seasoning. They should have taken a stand that Antonia had immunity so he and Zoi would chose the dish and the three of them would prepare it as a team with Zoi of course having nothing to do with the seasoning. Antonia was right to want to be involved in the dish but Spike was right that she should have taken a backseat.

    When the judges agreed that a soup would have been a good idea, they just added fuel to Spike's fire. That's also when Antonia started to cry (I think).

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