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Thread: Which season of Top Chef do you prefer?

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    I was just watching the junk food challenge from season one, and it just confirmed once again how superior the first season was. The chefs were mature enough to get along and have fun together. And they made the show entertaining without all the stupid drama we have had this year.

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    Loved the first season, much more than this one. I thought the challenges were really interesting and the food somehow looked better to me. Of course, I really liked Harold, Leanne, and when Dave won with his truffle macaroni and cheese I was really happy for him, meltdowns and all. It just seemed more like a good time and good cooking. This season not a good time at all. No one really looked like they were having much fun.

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    I liked the first season much better. The chefs seemed much more professional and there was much less drama. It was more about the food.

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    Bravo spent today re-running Season One...and I was amazed at how the cameras really focused in on them helping each other in the kitchen, working well together--despite very strong personal problems amongst themselves.

    But, it can never be like season one--because no one knew what to expect then... This time, they had chefs who knew they were on a game show and were trying to win...rather than proving themselves to be capable (and flexible) chefs.

    I'd LOVE to see the chefs from season one do the challenges from season two, and vice versa...and see how strong they each truly were. I tend to agree with those here that believe that the chefs from season one would rock season two's challenges...and I hesitate to think about what season one would have done with the "prepare someone else's dish" challenge (much less the "tomorrow's wedding" challenge.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by pg13;2221063;
    I'd LOVE to see the chefs from season one do the challenges from season two, and vice versa...and see how strong they each truly were.
    Well, they did "replicate" the Restaurant Wars challenge this season, and even with the further help of a server and decorator (not available to the S1 cheftestants), both teams tanked. So we have at least one point of comparison.
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    *jumps on the Season 1 bandwagon*

    I really think there is no comparison. The chefs from Season 1 are far superior to this season's crop, both professionally and personality-wise. I've gotten really tired of the lack of effort this time. I think Carlos' philosophy of not standing out pretty much sums up the whole season for me. No one has put forth any true effort and the bitchiness isn't even entertaining. Bring back Harold's humbleness (and hotness), Dave's one-liners and freakouts, Stephan's over-explaining...even Tiffani's bitchiness. Made for much better competition and TV.
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    Season one had more consistent good cooking. This season's dishes are too hit and miss. Plus they acted like a bunch of whiny babies. I do wonder if Josie(I think that's her name - the captain of Team Vietnam this season) would have been a good cook had she stuck around longer.
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    My mom and I had a lengthy discussion last night about why we like season 1 better and we came up with one thing. Even the characters we hated last season were somewhat endearing. We always wanted to know what weird stuff Stephen was going to put in his dishes and how he was going to deal with the wine. Also Tiffani, as much as I didn't like her, was a great cook. If she was on season 2 she would have definitely won.

    We also talked about the wedding challenge and how we thought the season 2 contestants (if given the challenge) would do horribly! The level of cooking just wasn't the same.

    Plus it might be editing but it seems like the producers tried to make everyone fill a role from last season (ie Sam = Harold, Marcel = Tiffani/Stephen, etc.) That bugged me a lot.

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