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Thread: 11/1 Show Discussion***Spoilers***

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    Quote Originally Posted by roses4me;2129834;
    Bearcata, I disagree just a tad with your post. (love ya, though!) The chefs are given money to buy ingredients for the challenge, not for their personal use. Michael buying beer just proves how immature he is. If I was the producer, I would have sent him packing asap.
    Still Michael could have bought the beer as an ingredient for his recipe. But really can you see the production assistants being the ingredient police and asking the chefs to justify everything they bought especially on the tight deadlines these folks are on?? But on the other hand this is a competition that also involves good and bad decisions and we get to see it and debate about it. If nothing else he provides drama. What did surprise me is him getting the beer, cause from what I understand they was plenty of booze in the house.

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    Bearcat, I am in complete agreement that this is a cooking show and as long as the chef doesn't insult the customer to their face or at the judges table(like Tiffani did) their fate should depend on their cooking alone. As for Emily, her food was judged good in both episodes 1 and 2 by both the judges and viewers, so the oversalting came as a complete surprise to me. Midgely on the other hand has been a complete jerk from the get go. To me, substituting beer for his personal consumption in lieu of a needed ingredient for his steak sandwich was reason enough to eliminate him. Tom C. knew about the beer but chose to eliminate Emily. Midgely's time will come.

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