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Thread: Betty Fraser - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by corprip;2196895;
    Dave is in NYC now?? I thought he was a California boy.
    Dave just started work as the executive chef at Lola in the Soho district of NY City. He is still connected to a restaurant in California but only as a consultant or something like that. Check his blogs for exact details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScoutMom;2196913;
    I went to a TGIFridays during the holidays. I ordered a sandwich which was supposed to come with fries, but when it came out, it had this red soup. I figured I'd just eat the soup because it had to be better for me than fries. It was really good. I asked the waiter what kind of soup it was and it was the one that Betty created and had put on the menu. It was absolutely delicious!
    Aaahhh Betty and her soups!

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    I liked Betty at the beginning but she went downhill fast for me. Toward the end of her time, I really disliked her childish behavior.

    Still, I think I would LOVE her food. It reminds me alot of Dave's - lots of flavor.

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    There was something very "off" about Betty and her turn-on-a-dime changes in affect. Something grotesque about both her expressions of pleasure (that hideously exaggerated smile and the over-active listening habit of nodding and responding with inflated expressions to every sentence) and disgust (shrill, shrill, shrill).

    My sense is that she doesn't have a terribly stable sense of self and was easily threatened by both authority figures and fellow contestants. She presented as perhaps the most immature person in the entire group, in spite of her advanced age.

    Perhaps this was her insecurity over not having any formal training under her belt? While she seemed to be a decent cook, she was missing some very basic aspects of craft. Not things that couldn't be learned, but things she has simply never learned.

    That may also be at the root of her visceral dislike for Marcel. But it doesn't entirely explain her affinity for bullying. That is an aspect of insecurity and character that clearly predates her introduction to Marcel.

    I did think that of all the cheftestants with businesses/restaurants, Betty did the most damage to her own credibility and wonder if anyone knows how Grub and As You Like It are doing.
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