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Thread: 5/24 Show Discussion Thread ***Spoilers***

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    sorry - i had to separate the link - newbs arent allowed to post links.

    did you find a photo of Jefferson?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chefjef View Post
    sorry - i had to separate the link - newbs arent allowed to post links.

    did you find a photo of Jefferson?
    No, I just remember him from TC. He looked very stern and unnerving to me. Chef Duran, as I stated before, has a baby face quality.

    I Yahoo'd both names and could only find pix of Duran.

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    Hi alphacat!

    You wrote as regards Dave & Stephen drinking before showing up to work with Tiffani:
    The problem I have with this is that, to me, it's less about her than about them and their level of professionalism. I might really dislike someone, but I'll show up and do my job because it's my responsibility to do that. While they weren't being paid, they were obligated to be there. Trite but true: I control my own behavior and choose how I respond in any situation.
    Well, I guess we disagree on how "disabled" (to borrow Tim Gunn's word for such situations) Dave and Stephen were for the Finale. According to Stephen's blog, ALL of the contestants went out drinking/eating the night before the Finale. Harold is the only one who, Stephen said, did not drink as much "because he was sick". But Stephen blogged, that all four returning contestants stayed out drinking.

    "We just stayed out a little later because, well, Tiffani was Tiffani". I'm only saying that I can see Stephen's point that Chef Tom shouldn't have called them drunk on national Tv - because they have no proof of it. The contestants all except Andrea apparently, stayed up drinking most nights during the competition itself. So this night was really not much different, from what I can tell. The show just kind of spun it that way

    What I recall are Stephen and Dave saying (and apparently carrying out) that they will give their all to Tiffani. I didn't see either of them slacking off, or refusing to follow Tiffani's orders. In fact Stephen seemed gentlemanly. Dave's comments were limited to when Tiffani wasn't in earshot. Dave gave Tiff "his" dessert, etc. I think they both were professional in that they did work hard.

    What Stephen said was that "We gave it 100% - just not 110% as we would have if Tiffani hadn't been, well, Tiffani". Apologies if I have gotten some of the quotes wrong but that's the jist of it.

    So that's why I had no problem with it. I can empathise with their needing to get a buzz on to work with Tiff (although not the ideal choice), though I might not have said so, if their work had suffered... I just could not see any indication that it did. Just my opinion.

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