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Thread: Reunion Programme

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    Reunion Programme

    so i watched this week's episode twice and now want to record the teaser for the reunion programmme and watch it really closely

    quick bits:

    stephen wearing t-shirt and jeans
    dave wearing suit and tie (pepper monkey)

    cynthia and ken are going to be wild cards

    as for my prediction, i still cannot believe Dave made it to the final three, but having said that, picking Harold would be too easy, for these reasons and some tacit bits from online bravotv blogs and interviews, i'm going with Tiffani

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    Looking forward to the finale...

    I was also surprised that Dave made it into the final three although he has been my favorite. I see from the preview that he confirms what I thought & what people make fun of him for: he has a real passion for the food. I apprecitate that with him. And yes, everyone (myself included) is surprised that he's made it into the top three...but I hope the irony that the panel of TOP CHEFS picked Dave's dish as their favorite isn't missed by the viewers or his fellow contestants (it obviously wasn't missed by Tiffani...did you see the look on her face when Tom said Dave's dish was the favorite?). Besides, I think he's cute in his suit!

    I wish the producers could've thrown us a bone and shone Stephen's reaction (sitting alone in his Las Vegas condo) when the challengers that BEAT him got to work with an extremely rare & sought after wine! The delicious irony that he would NOT be able to look down his nose at the panel & sniff disdainfully is too awful to have missed!

    What's up with the previews? Gotta say, Tiffani looks great with her hair straightened out...and what's with Dave grabbing her butt? I loved that it looks like Lisa (of all people) call Stephen on his smarminess. I hope Mr. Playing-to-the-cameras Ken gets cut off and kicked off the show (I mean come on: the man was the first to go...does he really have any contribution we want to hear?)
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    I can't wait for next Wednesday night -- I think I'll open a good bottle of wine in honor of Stephen for this one

    As for Dave going to the final 3, read Tom's blog on the Bravo Top Chef page. Looks like Tom agrees with us about Dave going and LeeAnn "packing her knives".

    (Side note: For the love of cheese, WHY is Katie Lee Joel allowed to talk?????)

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    PB & J

    Witless and Sightless!

    Oh good...for a minute, I thought I was hallucinating (peyote). But someone here just verified that they also saw Stewee in a t-shirt on the reunion preview.

    OMG, the guy has a Neck...Who Knew?? My ears may never see again!!

    I really hope they follow the same pattern for this reunion as they did PR's. I'd like to see these people being served alcohol while waiting for everyone to arrive and camera set-ups..a la Guadalupe! Probably Steven showed up in a suit bound up around his ears with his consistent 2-ton knot...and everyone was so stinking, witless drunk that the guys decided to drag him off, strip him, and change him into some 'normal' clothes!

    That might explain Dave wearing a suit...

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    As for the contestants being served alcohol for the Reunion show - I think Ken's got that covered regardless! So glad we did not have to put up with his redfaced yelling all season! Thanks, producers.

    Yes we did indeed see Steevee in a T shirt and jeans. Maybe he's a bit sensitive at some of the viewer comments? hehee. A lot of people do read blogs and such about shows they're on. Who knows. Maybe he was helping someone move (how likely is that)?

    What could Ken possibly say to make Stephen "lose it" like that? I would've thought Stevie didn't even listen to the likes of Sir Not Appearing In This Reality Show.

    Cynthia mostly seems to be laughing AT everyone's antics. Dave and Tiffani seem to squabble. Dave seems to be trying to grab onto Tiff to keep her from leaving, although I'd have let her go. Tiff grabs some boytoy's hand in the sidelines and takes off, from what I can tell.

    There was only one quick shot of Lee Anne but I freeze framed the clip (thanks TiVo) and she looks really good! Rested, relaxed and her makeup's very nice and complimentary.

    Tiffani does look nice with her hair down especially out of that stupid spiral perm. Her hair's definitely her best physical feature. However, at last report Tiffani was still a beeyotch. Film at 11.

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    does anyone here have the capability to record the teaser for the reunion programme and upload it here as an mpeg, or quicktime movie file,

    i want to watch it really slowly, there's a lot going on in the background, especially how they are all glancing back and forth at each other

    the more i watch it, i get the feeling that the Dave/Stephen dress-up/dress down situation is a real put-on


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    Davidavdavid, no they wouldn't, because that would violate our rules because it is copyrighted material. However, it's probably on the Bravo site.

    I don't know if you are all reading the Lee Anne thread, but she did drop a hint about Tiffani that made me want to watch the reunion show (not that I was going to skip or anything). Namely,
    Click to see Spoiler:
    to paraphrase, the producers had to scrap Tiffani off the roof. Now what do you suppose that means?
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    Hepcat: (possible spoiler)
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I think it means she's gonna throw a class AA Tizzy, er, Tiffy and finally reveal her inner Leona Helmsley. I bet if she wins this thing she will be a beast to deal with the next year or so.

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    I don't like Lee Ann anymore. It's not okay for her to be snarking on Tiffany when she did the same witching.

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    Here's the link to Bravo's questions and answers with Lee Anne. The reunion show sounds like a barn burner!


    This link is in the middle of the interview which focuses on the reunion.

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