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Thread: Matt - The Roomie

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    In the early 1990s, Tommy Lee was a customer at a company I worked for. He was always VERY nice and he even called in the early morning SOBER which proved he wasn't out every night getting trashed. (He was married to Heather at the time.) At any rate, I always liked him and I always wondered why he got so much bad press. He's very much the guy Matt describes -- just a really down to earth guy.

    I thought this show would be interesting to watch because I thought it might show him as a *really bad boy* -- but I guess they are going to show Tommy Lee as he really is -- which is a really nice guy!!

    I hate Hollywood. They pump up personalities that some people don't actually deserve. Tommy Lee is no more likely to destroy your house than I am. And I'm a verging on 50ish female who even watches out for pet stains.

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    If anyone has read the Motley Crue book The Dirt.....you'll know very quickly where his reputation came from. Back in the day they were seriously bad rockers....did a lot of nasty things and got away with it all.

    But once all the rock and roll and girls and drugs and booze wears off and the ride starts to slow down then you can start you be yourself again. And Tommy does seem like a real awesome guy (who can also still get any girl and do anything he wants).

    On another note.....I really like all his hats...they look so good on him...

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    Supposedly, it was part of the agreement with the University that he couldn't actually live on campus. But they really did live in that room. It may have been built inside of a house or something.

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    Just a reminder from the mod team: you can state your opinion about show contestants all you want, but you cannot criticize others for their opinions on this site. Further posts aimed at other FORT members will be deleted.
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    very well then...my opinion, backed up by some Nebraska friends of mine:

    I thought Matt looked like an average college guy. He's speaker of the student senate so must be a people person, works at a bar (a pretty sweet bar...been there! It rocks!), is in a fraternity that from my brief experience and my UNL friends' opinions is popular b/c its full of down to earth cool guys--NOT fratty jerks, he isn't timid around Tommy (or the girls he brought to the room in episode 2--Matt jumped right in and started partying, lucky guy), and I've seen promo clips of him rocking out with Tommy...seemed pretty at home in that light...he just has his stuff together and can have a good time too...sometimes wish I could figure out how to pull that!
    Even heard him on a radio morning show this morning...he sounded really cool and like he was all about having fun with the whole experience, not uptight or big headed. Said Tommy called him and invited him to a Motley show and he partied back stage with him...if Tommy thinks he's a cool guy and keeps in touch with him then he must be alright. I have a feeling we're only getting enough Matt in the show to contrast Tommy (the magic of television editing--as we all know) he's actually probably being dulled down by editing just so it can look as if he opens up later...in reality I bet he's got a rock in roll side to him. Did you guys hear about the premiere party he threw at his bar? Got national news attention and if you find a pic you can see a different side of Matt.

    As of tonight I talked to my University of Nebraska friends who actually know Matt and said that he's awesome...such a nice guy and a ton of fun at the bars and parties and I guess was kind of a big man on campus well before he was even part of this show! So I'll go with their assesment and say he's cool and is one lucky bastard for getting this awesome experience and for now being friends with Tommy!

    PS-tonight's show was hilarious and the marching band stuff was better than I thought it would be...all those Husker fans!

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    I don' think he is dorky looking, thats not a great pic of him. Not your typical "frat boy" but seems cool enough. I watched about 1 hour of the show(last nite), and thought it was pretty good.

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    I like Matt's personality a lot. He's very smart and seems really great to talk to and hang out with. I've found over the years that many times a man who doesn't seem very good looking at first glance, gets better looking as you get to know him. I think Matt is one of those men.

    <sigh> Ah, to be 20 years old again, Matt's definitely a catch! (Unlike the cute bad boys, who are great to look at, but a train wreck to have a relationship with!)
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