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Thread: What's wrong?

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    I'm totally into PH right now. Its too bad they couldn't bring out Temptation Island RIGHT AFTER the finale of PH. I am sure I would get just as addicted to TI3 as I was to PH, but since its coming out during the big climax of PH, I have been putting all my posting and TV time into PH.

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    Right now I think the show is boring. If people start hooking up, my interest will increase. I also think Fox should have waited until PH was over to start TI3.

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    well.. where to start ? I thought the first season was cool... but I just can't bring myself up to watch this again. Like other people are saying.. I am caught up by PH and BB4 right now and patiently waiting for Survivor... The buzz about TI is gone.

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    I find it impossible to have any sympathy for the contestants because they put themselves oin this situation.

    They get all upset about the way their SO's are behaving, yet they did decide to take part.

    The underlying sleeze factor fi this show ahs gotten a little bit tired for me too.
    I've half watched the first couple so I'll probably have a mild interest in seeing how it ends up.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I think they should do a twist on this show, where they get 2 people(1 male and 1 female) who both want to dump there mates and do it at the end of the show. So basically in each camp you have 1 person who sole purpose it to have fun, then dump there bf/gf. This would leave the other 3 people wondering if they are the the person who will be dumped on there side

    Another question, if a tree falls in this form will anybody hear. It's just after the show and this place is dead.

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    I'm going to say B. But I agree with whoever said the people just aren't as attractive. The girls have kicked off all the good looking guys! And what's with Kristin and Eric not watching each others tapes? I can see the point but it sure makes for boring tv.
    "Blindsided, oh, friendship blindsided you're going home, home!" -Paul BB18

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    This show should be called lets date other people before we go any further in this relationship! Looks like this is what they are doing. The difference is that here they are watching what the other is doing so of course the green monster comes into play.

    They all know why they are on the show so I think they are getting a taste of their own bad medicine!

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    DITTO on the Paradizzle!

    Plus these folks are boring.. the girls need to loosen up a little.. where is Fox's never ending bottle of alcohol?? let's liven up these people a little!

    Maybe we just don't understand "normal" people anymore after 13 weeks of P HO! We have become desensitized!

    Do you think Jason's girlfriend.. is it Kara? looks like Baby from Dirty Dancing?

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    I'm getting a Baby vibe from Kara. I think it's the nose. Jen Gray doesn't have that nose anymore, BTW, and she's hardly recognizable anymore.
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    Everytime I watch this show I think to myself, "why am I wasting my time?" If TI3 doesn't pick up soon, I don't think there will be a TI4.

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