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Thread: Would you take your g/f or b/f to Temptation Island?

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    Instead of going into the s how - get drunk and go to a crowded bar or nude beach and see what happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttercup
    No f***ing way would I EVER go on Temptation Island. It's not that I'm not confident about my relationship, but there are enough problems inherent in life without introduction new ones...
    I agree 100%!!

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    Let's just say that even if you knew nothing about Temptation Island and you were offered the opportunity to go with your s/o to an exotic location where you will be separated and placed in situations which could lead to trouble, you should really think more than twice.

    There are no prizes, no rewards and this is NOT the way to test a relationship. Is a free vacation really worth all of that stress? I don't think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    I guess it depends upon whether I wanted to stay with my S/O or was in search of an excuse to ditch the relationship
    I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajiH
    No way. Not in a million, zillion years would I march my man onto an island full of Playboy Bunnies.

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    I would do it, maybe, if I was unsure whether I wanted to be with this person forever. I have seen it on previous seasons of TI, some grow apart and some miss each other so much that they get married afterward. If the relationship was in limbo, maybe. It could be fun.

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    So far the only person that seems to have made the biggest mistake in coming to TI is Melissa.But you have to wonder if she came to TI so she could use Mike's actions on there to finally get up the courage to leave him?Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise for her?I hope it is.But it also looks like Melissa has self esteem problems as well.And no reality show can help her to overcome that problem.If she doesn't do it own her own then she will end up with another man-ho like Mike or somebody even worse than he is.

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    Let's say my gf cheated on me and i wanted to break up with her, i would definantly do this show as revenge(sort of break up with her on national TV while i get a nice 2 week holiday with tons of girls around me). Yes i can be sadistic when it comes to revenge

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    :nono There is no way I would do such thing. I think the only reason that people want to be on the Temptation Island is to be on TV. Remember Kyle from TI1. He did get famous after the show and got to be on various shows, too.

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