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Thread: 1/25 Teen Mom Recap: Breakups, Douchebags, and Fireworks

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    1/25 Teen Mom Recap: Breakups, Douchebags, and Fireworks

    We're back for another week with everyone's favorite not-yet-able-to-vote-or-buy-lottery-ticket moms. I apologize for the lack of recappage last week, but I was on Jersey Shore double duty. I'm back this week with all the craziness scoop about this week's drama. On we go!


    Leah is stressing, rightfully so, about Ali's legs. Leah and Corey are spending more time together with the babies. I hope they get back together! Leah has lunch with her mom and talks about how scared she is for Aleeah. She thinks it's her fault for not being big enough and Aleeah being squished inside of her. She starts to cry, thinking about all the things Aleeah might not be able to do. Her mom tries to encourage her. Aww, I heart Leah. I think she's my favorite.

    Leah asks Corey to go bowling with her while his stepmom watches the girls. They appear to be having a pretty good time. They are smiling and laughing and goofing around. She asks if Corey misses her and he says just a little bit. They both admit they had fun and Corey asks her if she wants to take things to the next level and give things a shot. She asks if they will be boyfriend and girlfriend and Corey says yes. Hooray!

    Leah's friend isn't so receptive to the reunion, calling Corey a douchebag. Leah says the past is the past and she knows things won't be easy but she wants it to work.

    Leah talks with Corey about why he wants to get back with her, and he says he has always had feelings for her, but a lot of it is also because the babies need them both. She tells him she was upset he didn't come to her graduation and he says it's because he didn't trust her, but he trusts her now. She says it's going to take a little while for her to trust him because he was just with a girl two weeks ago. He says he is ready to commit to her and only her.

    Leah and Corey take the girls to Corey's uncle's house for a Fourth of July cookout. Corey's dad watches the girls while Leah and Corey go to see some fireworks.


    Chelsea's dad comes to visit her place. By “her” place, I mean “the one daddy pays for”. She is still working on her classes online and Megan is currently looking for a job. She whines around that formula is expensive so daddy whips out a few Benjamins. She doesn't want her dad to know that Adam is back in the picture. Adam is such a low life weasel. He comes over to visit Chelsea and Aubree and they try to teach her to crawl and say ma ma. She keeps saying douchebag da da.

    Adam leaves and Megan and Chelsea talk about whether or not he is going to want to be with Chelsea for real this time. Chelsea thinks he might be different now. Megan doesn't understand how Chelsea can go from hate to love in such a short period of time. Chelsea just wants a father for Aubree. Adam and his friend talk about his leading ladies and he claims that he really loves Chelsea and Aubree and wants to be with them. He doesn't want another guy trying to be Aubree's dad. He says it's time to grow up and quit being a dumbass. Yeah, that's probably a good start. I'm not sure if I believe him yet.

    Adam and Chelsea have been spending more and more time together, and Chelsea is starting to have strong feelings for him again. He says he is ready to settle down with Chelsea and Aubree. Until she is sure he isn't going to screw her over again, she isn't telling anybody they are together again.

    Chelsea has to go to a meeting about attending beauty school, so she leaves Aubree at home with Adam. He is more worried about Xbox and the internet and his cell phone than keeping an eye on Aubree. Chelsea and Megan head to the admissions office of beauty school and the admissions woman tells Chelsea she will need a high school diploma within a month in order for Chelsea to start class in the fall.

    Megan and Chelsea head home to see how Adam's day went with the baby. They find him out on the front porch hanging with his “boys”. He has Aubree out there and he's feeding her. He fed her and gave her a bottle and changed her diaper. Whoa, dad of the year!

    Speaking of dad of the year, since it's the Fourth of July, Adam decides to light off some fireworks about 15 feet away from Chelsea and the baby. Yeah, that looks safe. Not.


    Last week, Jenelle moved back in with mommy dearest. She wants to find a job to help support Jace. She is feeling frustrated with babysitting Jace and trying to figure out all about her college stuff. She is starting to think maybe her mom is in a better position to take care of Jace. Jenelle talks with her mom and admits there is no way she can take care of Jace on her own because she can't even take care of herself. She wants to sign over temporary custody so she can make some changes in her life. She doesn't want to go through the courts and waste all kinds of money. Jenelle remembers how her dad used to pay so much attention to her and then he just left and she is still hurt by that. Jenelle's mom calls a truce and they hug. Hell hath frozen over.

    Jenelle and her mom take Jace to daycare and head to the courthouse to sign the custody papers. There is no set date, the agreement could last 1 day or until Jace is 18. Whenever Jenelle wants custody back, they have to have a court date.

    Jenelle's mom is leaving the house and tells Jenelle to make sure to give Jace medicine at a certain time. She then quizzes Jenelle to see if she was listening. Jenelle tells her to leave the car seat because she and her friend Jason might take Jace grocery shopping. Her mom flips out, saying Jenelle can't do that.

    Jenelle is excited because she finally got a job as a waitress at a local pub. She goes shopping after work to pick up some stuff for both her and Jace. She bought herself a 3 dollar Walmart skirt to replace the 1 pair of shorts she owns, and her mom goes on a rant about spending so much money. Her mom irritates me sometimes. Jenelle wants to take Jace to see Fourth of July fireworks but her mom puts a stop to that. She goes with her friends, sans the baby.


    Kailyn is still living in Jo's basement, but now that she's dating the new guy, she's afraid she's going to get kicked out. She talks to Jo's parents and they lecture her about her priorities. They think she should be worrying about Isaac and a job and school instead of dating guys. They tell her she could get pregnant again but she claims she isn't going to be having sex. They give her the choice of moving out or moving in with the new guy if she is going to continue to date him.

    Kailyn needs to get to her college orientation, but she doesn't have a ride. She calls her friend Meagan, but Meagan can't. Jordan can't and her mom can't either. She asks Jo's brother Jordan for a ride and he obliges. She takes Isaac with her to orientation. Hmm, wouldn't you think she'd get a babysitter? He is actually pretty mild mannered throughout the whole day. Or at least what MTV showed us.

    Kailyn goes out with Jordan and she is worried that she's going to have to sacrifice her relationship with him to keep living with Jo's family. She calls him later and tells him she has to end things with him in order to keep living with Jo's family. He says it's understandable. She is kind of robot-like. I figured she would have at least shed a tear or two.

    In other news, Kailyn's mom feels bad about missing orientation, so she decides to give Kailyn her old car. Hmm, that seems like quite a lopsided deal. Hey, I'm sorry I missed your soccer game, but here's a house!

    Kailyn was supposed to go see fireworks with Jordan, but now she is stuck watching them with Jo's cousin, Naomi.

    Next week, Corey asks Leah to move in together. Adam wants to move in with Chelsea. Jo appears to want to get back together with Kailyn. Jenelle comes home with a hickey times a hundred all over her neck. Sounds like a great episode! Come on back next week!
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    Re: 1/25 Teen Mom Recap: Breakups, Douchebags, and Fireworks

    Thanks for the recap. I'm curious about the show, but boycotting it. This is a nice workaround!

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