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Thread: Jenna's chat ~ transcript

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    Jenna's chat ~ transcript

    I think I might've missed a couple of questions because I got booted & didnt get back in, but I got most of it.

    Here it is:

    Jennaís Chat

    Q: Does your change the last couple of days have anything to do with the fact that Heidi was gone?
    J: I think it had to do with a lot of things but I do think I had to do with Heidi being gone a little because she was my support system and my alliance and now I had neither of those left in the game.

    Q: Do you think you could have gone far without the help of Heidi?
    J: I think I couldíve gotten just as far without Heidi but Heidi was my rock and she really really helped me when I needed it. So I canít be positive but I can guess that I would.

    Q: How did you get everybody to vote for you? Can you explain it?
    L: well I think the jury needs to explain that. Obviously they thought that I outwit and outplayed Matthew. So 6 people out of 7 voting for me showed that I obviously did something to play the game.

    Q: Were you shocked that you cot Christyís vote?
    J: Yes. I was completely shocked about Christyís vote, but Christy does what she wants, she makes her decisions and does what she wants without looking back. I respect her for making a decision like that.

    Q: What do you have planned to do with your winnings?
    J: I have been so busy the last day I havenít even gotten ad chance to think about it yet. I donít think itís even hit me yet that this actually happened.

    Q: Was matt as crazy as he appeared on TV?
    J: Oh jeez, Matt is a unique guy and I donít think that he was as crazy as he was portrayed on TV, but I do think he was a tad bit crazy.

    Q: Suggestions for those of us interested in applying?
    J: You just have to be yourself. Make a tape showing exactly who you are and hope that that fits what they are looking for.

    Q: What made you decide to apply?
    J: Iíd been a huge fan of the show since the first season. Obviously a chance to win a million dollars and Survivor tests your limits physically and mentally and I figured that was something I could benefit from at this point and time.

    Q: What was the toughest challenge for you and why?
    J: Itís a tossup between the last endurance challenge between me matt and rob because I definitely needed to win that and I was so tired and we were there of so long and neither of them were going to keep me if they won. Also the challenge where Dave run where he took Deena. That was by far physically the most difficult challenge.

    Q: Jenna how is your mom doing these days?
    J: She is fine, sheís here in NY and sheís having a great time. Obviously this was a huge motherís day present that I could give her (winning survivor), sheís also a huge fan of the show and extremely tough and sheíll be able to handle whatever is thrown at her.

    Q: How long was the last challenge? How long were you on that board?
    J: actually we were only on that perch for about 10 minutes. I was willing to stay there all day but the boys fell off.

    Q: Why did you decide to give Heidi the immunity idol?
    J: Ooh good one. There are a couple of reasons. First of all I wanted to give it to Heidi to show the just that Iím not selfish and I think about other people other than myself. Secondly, it was to throw everyone a loop still left in the game just in case Rob wasnít going to stick to the plan to vote out Christy.

    Q: Do you think Jeff Probst is a hunk?
    J: Yeah, Jeff Probst is totally a hunk!

    Q: Did you fee l intimidated being left with 3 other guys?
    J: Absolutely I had nobody left in the game at that point that was of my alliance. I didnít really feel I could trust anyone at that point in time and it was really three guys against 1 woman and I felt that if I donít hold it down for the women Iím going to let them all down.

    Q: Other than winning the loot, what would you say was the best experience you had on the island?
    J: The times wed sit around and play funny games, sing songs..there were a lot of light hearted moments on the show that werenít shown on TV.

    Q: Why didnít you make a deal with Rob at the last challenge?
    J: I didnít make a deal with Rob because I knew that rob would beat me in the final two. As much as I love him I knew I couldnít take the risk of taking him top the final two. I thought I had a better chance against MatthewÖGuess I was right!

    Q: Did you know Heidi would have backstabbed you if Rob would have gone along with it?
    J: I canít honestly believe Heidi would have backstabbed me ever.

    Q: Why do you think rob would have beaten you?
    J: I felt like rob wouldíve gotten Butch and Christyís vote. He would have gotten Matthewís vote because I wouldíve had to have betrayed him to take him in the final two. Deena respected game play and when it comes to game play Rob was the best.

    Q: Are you and matt an item?
    J: Me and Matt had an incredible experience in the days we were there and have a very special bond.

    Q: Are you gonna stay in touch with any of the other survivors and who?
    J: Oh absolutely, I plan on taking vacations with some of them. Obviously the people on the jury I had a chance to get very close to and also Shawna.

    Q: Who in your opinion was portrayed correctly and who was portrayed poorly on TV?
    J: I think everybody was pretty much true to character. I mean we all had our bad days and good days. If anyone was portrayed negatively it was Heidi. She is a much more caring and giving person than you saw on the show Ö

    Q: How much of your winning do you consider LUCK?
    J: I really donít think you can get to the final two with luck alone. Thereís no way thatís possible. But before the final two there is some luck involved.

    Q: Do you feel matt played the game better because he provided for the tribe?
    J: you know, survivor is a social game and thereís a lot more to it than just providing for the tribe and I also made breakfast, lunch and dinner with the manioc every day so I also did my share, maybe not hard labor but I did what I could.

    Q: What is the single most prominent mistake that you think you made in the game?
    J: I donít know if I made any mistakes strategically in the game because of the outcome. I ended up on top so I donít know if I can say I made any mistakes. There were some things that I said that affected the jury that I wish I could take backÖpetty comments here and there.

    Q: Did you eat any of the gross manioc?
    J: Yeah. Jean fed us some of the gross manioc and we probably ate some by accident also.

    Q: What did you think when everyone said they thought you used your sex appeal to win?
    J: You know what, maybe I did but Iím a woman. I donít think I did it on purpose but I think it might have happened once or twice Ö.

    Q: What surprised you watching the show as it aired?
    J: Not much surprised me. There were a couple of times people said things about me or the game that I didnít know they were thinking or feeling.

    Q: If they did a survivor of all the winners, would you go back again and do that?
    J: Absolutely in a second.

    Q: Did you all leave right after the show or did you stay there for a little bit before coming home?
    J: I left right after.

    Q: Who will you remain friends with?
    J: Everybody on the jury I will definitely remain friends with and Shawna who I got close to in the game. Some closer than others but everybody will always be friends.

    Q: What is the first thing you did when you got back home?
    J: The first thing I did was ate a Reeseís peanut butter cup, went and saw my stylist Shannon and got a haircut, stayed up late, late at night with my parents trying to catch up.

    Q: are you still in shock that you won?
    J: yes, completely!

    Q: What did you HATE most about the Amazon?
    J: I cant say that I hated anything. What was difficult was the heat. It was extremely hot..and the rain. It rained so much in the last four or five days it was ridiculous.

    Q: How long did it take to gain back the weight?
    J: I think I gained back my weight in probably about a month but it took me a lot longer to get my muscle tone back.

    Q: If you could go back and choose a different luxury item, what would it be?
    J: I donít think I would have chosen a different item. My Theta crown had things from all my sisters and mom and dad and all sorts of inspiration things and it really lifted my spirits before it burned in the fire.

    Q: Are you still planning on modeling now that youíve won a million dollars?
    J: Yeah I donít see why not. Itís something that I enjoy doing.

    Q: Was it difficult to eat full meals after the show was overÖhow did your body react t a full stomach?
    J: Your body actually gets really bloated because you havenít had any salt and once you eat something salty you blow up like a balloon.

    Q: Are you going to buy a hot sports car?
    J: No I won a car. I donít need to buy a sports car. I dot a really cool Saturn ION.

    Q: What do the members of the jury do when voted off and the game is still being played?
    J: I donít know, I wasnít there Ö

    Q: How did you get along with Butch? Seemed as though you did not have much in common with him. What could Butch have done to make it to the final two besides win immunity?
    J: I think me and Butch got along just fine. In fact, I used to call him my Jungle Dad because he was like a dad while we were in the jungle. I donít know if there was anything different that Butch couldíve done to change the outcome of the game.

    Q: How was the party last night?
    J: Oh the party never stopped! I think me and Robby and Butch and Matt had just about an hour of sleep before going on the Early Show this morning and we had so much fun and weíre going to do it again tonight!

    Q: Jenna have you broken any stereotypes because you are a model?
    J: Well I would hope soÖ I think that people usually consider models to be not that bright and weak,. I think I showed some of that but in the end I think I showed the opposite of that Ö that Iím strong and intelligent.

    Q: Whatís the first thing youíre gonna buy?
    J: I havenít even had time to think about that yetÖ I have no idea but I know Iím going to go on a vacation .. that doesnít involve camping or fire.

    Q: Are you nervous about going on Letterman tonight?
    J: No Iím not nervous about going on Letterman. I think itíll be fun.

    Final Comment:
    Thanks so much for being a fan of survivor. I also am a huge fan. Itís been a wild for me and I know its been a wild ride for the audience and I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to watching Survivor Panama.

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    She answered my luxury item question. I was surprised at her answer since her stuff burned.
    It occurred to me that no matter how bleak things might seem at times, at least I have a head. ----Stargazer

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    I thought Jenna's chat was just like herself, boring with a lot of fluff .... I'm just sorry nobody else on the tribal council saw that...

    oh well *shrugs*

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    still a spoiled brat

    sounds to me from this transcript that the fact that she won has amde her feel that everything she did was right and every time she slacked off or was nasty didn't really matter much.
    she is the most entitled, self-absorbed jerk.
    i love too that she is friends with, basically, only the young women and partied late last night with four boys. that's the jenna she's been all along. likes men more than women, after that only connects with the young and thin and ultimately thinks that she works harder and is better than everyone.
    so much for her so-called learning experience. what part of thinking that she was "annoying," spoiled and terrible (her words from last night) came out in that interview? i would say absolutely none.
    this girl just got a million dollar pat on the back about her behavior. why would she change?

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    Crybaby won Survivor and now is called the "Sole Survivor"!

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    Wow, you people are tough!

    I thought she had ample opportunity to snob up and give much more petty answers than she did. Two weeks ago I would have never expected her capable of these answers...

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    Re: still a spoiled brat

    Originally posted by Meydele
    i love too that she is friends with, basically, only the young women...
    Meydele, that's not what she said.

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    It Takes a Jury to Make a Winner

    Jenna's chat was pretty ho-hum except for the fact that she was convinced that she could have won with or without Heidi's worshipful support.

    I will say this, though. Jenna pulled it out when she had to, when it counted the most, and for that I cannot fault her.

    Much like Lisa from Big Brother 3 came into her own when Eric left, so did Jenna when Heidi was ousted.

    She won the last two IC's and she had her allies at Loser Lodge petition for her while Alex' allies were dwindling fast.

    She wasn't truthful when she stated she wanted to take the stronger player with her for more of a challenge because she stated the following today:
    J: I didnít make a deal with Rob because I knew that rob would beat me in the final two. As much as I love him I knew I couldnít take the risk of taking him top the final two. I thought I had a better chance against MatthewÖGuess I was right!

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    Thanks for posting all of the chats, Wyndemere... greatly appreciated.

    Matt certainly sounds intelligent, and despite it all, my opinion of Jenna has improved as well (owing mostly to her comments about growing up last night). Heidi remains a freak in my book though.


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    thanks wyndemere for the transcript. i tried to stay on but kept getting booted off so I gave up.

    I think she will only admit to being spoiled and whiny when confronted but it looks like CBS would not allow any negative questions.

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