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Thread: Ethan Was on Off The Record (TSN) Friday

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    Ethan Was on Off The Record (TSN) Friday

    Him and his g/f were on Off The Record on Friday. The show is on TSN...and should be archived on TSN.Ca (Canada Station)

    The bulk of the conversation was violence in sports, in particular Hockey. The debate over toning it down was discussed. Also Ethan talked about his soccer charity, and had his shirt on promoting it.

    It was ok, nothing too fancy..but I felt I should update for you all that he was on T.V

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    Thanks Mikee

    For the report on Ethan, have been an Ethan fan from day one and appreciate the info.


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    I love Michael Landsberg . His interview with Brian Burke was great a few days ago. If by his "girlfriend" you mean Morasca , she definitely doesn't belong there ,but he has had the bimbo type on before. I can't think she'd have anything sports fans would be remotely interested in hearing. ( I can strip for peanut butter ) Ethan earned his journalism chops at the 02 World Cup, and was a soccer instructor pre - survivor. Jenna nothing , and nothing.

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    I was going to watch it until I heard moley old Morasca was going to be on their too.

    If you're going to have someone on their as eye candy why not make it someone who is actually attractive, like Amber?
    "That's Numberwang!"

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