Each week, our writers compile a list of their favorite moments of the week from the reality shows currently on the air.

These moments from Survivor made the Top 10 this week!

9. Are You Talkin' to ME?

This week, Clay got all up on Jake, for daring to claim that he does his fair share around camp while some others don't pull their height - I mean weight. After yelling at Jake for what seemed like all night, and after the biggest synchronized Chuay Gahn eye-roll in history by the rest of the tribe, Clay pattered off to Big Ted for approval. "How'd ya like that?" he asked Ted. When Ted said "that was messed up," Clay took it as a compliment, proving that not only can no one understand HIM, but he has a hard time understanding those with NO accent.


Even though many knew it would happen, some still held out hope that Jake could stop the Pagonging. He couldn’t. Mark Burnett really should have learned by now, that we viewers figured out LONG ago that if he seems to be setting someone up to leave, we know they will stay. This week viewers knew Clay would stay and Jake would join the three unrecognizable jury members at loser lodge long before the torch was snuffed and the gong was heard. Have a nice shower and meal Jake, and know you played well.

4. A Bug's Life

This ain't no Pixar movie, folks!
Step right up and witness the freaks who will go though great lengths to spend a day with their loved ones. We've got your gourmet ants, your delicious squirmy grubs, your juicy water roaches, your boiled spiders, and your boiled big ass scorpions. Take your pick. They are all tasty. Don't try this at home kids! It can get pretty nasty!

This week, Survivor's reward challenge reminded me of a freak show. Burnett turned the tables on the old contestants eat-disgusting-food challenge. This time, instead of the contestants eating the bugs, their loved ones had to swallow their pride and down the nasty little critters. The reward for the winner would be to spend 24 hours at the camp with their loved ones. Folks, I don't know about you, but spending the night sleeping on the floor, eating more nasty stuff, and doing work doesn't sound like a reward to me, but to each its own.

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