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Thread: Survivor 35 Pool Thread

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    Re: Survivor 35 Pool Thread

    And finally it's time to reveal the final scores! The word of the week is a hero word, and what could it be but, marines! Ben was a marine, didn't you know, they only mentioned it once every 3 nanoseconds. So let's see how we stacked up, and who's the winner! I'll tell you right off the bat it's not me.

    Before we reveal the top 3, we must announce the winner of the Wooden Tongue Depressor - a gift from the pitiful Healer tribe for the human participant with the lowest score. The wooden tongue depressor goes to.... Crazy Condifent and MReid! The good news is, I've identified the scapegoat, and there is in fact one person responsible for tanking your game, and that person is Devon. Devon was like gum on the bottom of your shoe that you can't get rid of, taking up a spot in the team week after week contributing barely anything to scores of anyone unlucky enough to have chosen him. In total, Cole scored less points than Jessica, who didn't even make the jury! Sorry you didn't have better luck in this pool, hope you come back again.

    Now for the high scorers - in third place, Hot-headed vs. Hungry vs. Homesick and Allornothing! They made nothing short of an amazing comeback after scoring negative 25 one week mid-game (that was the lowest single-week score in the entire game!) Her first captain Jessica went pretty early, but went out with a very high weekly average, and next in line was Chrissy, allowing her to reap the benefits of Chrissy's immunity run, and claw back enough ground to reach the podium, well done!

    Second place went to The Hangries and scoot13! Scoot13 employed the classic strategy of "Don't Lose Any Players," correctly guessing the top 5, and thus never getting minus points for losing a player. They also picked five "Last Player Out" bonuses, which helped a great deal. As mentioned before Devon was a major drag-down, so being stuck with him for the entire game, put first place just out of reach. Second is great though, good job!

    And the winner of the Survivor: Heroes vs Hustlers vs Healers pool is.... Idle Idols and Photobabe!!!!. She was in first or second place all weeks, having made a team of challenge-winning point-getters. And the value of Chrissy in top position can't be understated, getting double points off of Chrissy's immunity run gave her a late-game surge that no one had a hope of catching. Congratulations to you!

    Thank you everyone for playing! I do hope you all had fun, and will continue to play the pools in future seasons. Full results below

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    Re: Survivor 35 Pool Thread

    Congratulations to:





    This was a super fun season for me. I hope all of you were as entertained as I was. Thanks to Badseed for managing the pool again. You did a great job.
    Can't wait until next season.
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    Re: Survivor 35 Pool Thread

    Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to our pool runner, Badseed! I didn't do as bad as I usually do so I can't complain about my placement. Maybe one of these days I'll finally win a Survivor pool (yeah, right ).
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    Re: Survivor 35 Pool Thread

    YES! I'll totally take 3rd place! Whoop!

    Congrats to photobabe and scoot12~

    And thanks so much to Badseed for running the pool!
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    Re: Survivor 35 Pool Thread

    Thank you, Badseed for running this pool!
    Always before I have done either middle of the pack or very near the bottom in pools so it is with great joy that I accept first place! What a lovely Christmas present!! So, thanks for all my fellow pool participants, a special thanks to Badseed for all the hard work and a wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all the Survivor Fans and FORT members!
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    Re: Survivor 35 Pool Thread

    Well second is the best I've ever done in a pool, by a large margin, so I'll take it! Congrats Photobabe! I guess I was lucky that the first lady was voted out since I had her at number one!
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    Re: Survivor 35 Pool Thread

    Thank you to Badseed for running the Survivor pool! Congratulations to all the winners - Photobabe, Scoot, and Allornothing! Congratulations also to Helen. I came in Fifth!
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