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Thread: 3/12 Survivor 28 Cagayan: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/12 Survivor 28 Cagayan: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    The full episode is available here...

    Survivor Video
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    Re: 3/12 Survivor 28 Cagayan: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Well, I did a little research, thank you Google, and found out some things about J'Tia.

    Argonne nuclear engineer on new season of Survivor | ANS Nuclear Cafe


    JíTia Taylor
    By Kathryn E. Jandeska ē April 24, 2013

    JíTia Taylor is a nonproliferation technical specialist in Argonneís Nuclear Engineering division.

    What is your background and how did you come to work at Argonne?

    I did my undergraduate work at Florida State University in industrial engineering, and I was in Navy ROTC. I wanted to work on submarines, but at the time, Navy women werenít allowed to do that, so instead of joining the Navy after graduation, I decided to go on to graduate school and study nuclear engineering.

    In graduate school, I interned at three or four labs and I did a research assistantship at Argonne. I really loved Argonne and its proximity to the city. Argonne is collegial and academic in nature, so it really reminded me of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I earned my PhD. I really like Argonne. There are some very smart people here.

    What role do you play at Argonne?

    I work mainly in the area of export control, assessing technologies for their nonproliferation implications. I look at a lot of the emerging technologies presented to the U.S. government that are not necessarily on the market. My job is to analyze what the technology does and what itís used for, assess how it can be used and determine its implications for weapons of mass destruction.
    That bolded quoted alone is scary to contemplate and maybe explains why the US didn't find any WMD when they went looking for them in Iraq.

    Work with Argonne | Argonne National Laboratory

    So yes, she does have a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and yes she does work for the government as Argonne Labs is part of the Department of Energy. Thankfully all she does is write policies and not actually work on a nuclear reactor.
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    Re: 3/12 Survivor 28 Cagayan: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    My goodness! So she analyzes things and determines their implications? Wow. Which part of a flag pole is heaviest? Given a platform, where should the heaviest piece of a flagpole lie? Amazing deduction abilities j'tia. (Not). It is simply stunning that she gets paid for analysis.

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    Re: 3/12 Survivor 28 Cagayan: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    She is likely perfectly competent in her day job. Generally, when you analyse and make assessments, you have the luxury of time to be thorough and do your job properly. She seems to completely fall apart when she's under pressure during a challenge and people are expecting her to do things quickly and smartly. It's like her brain just shuts down.
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    Re: 3/12 Survivor 28 Cagayan: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Additionally, people are intelligent in multiple different ways (something we learn in teaching). While one person may excel mathematically, others could excel linguistically or in bodily-kinesthetics. J'Tia is most likely extremely intelligent in her one area. Just because she fails in others areas definitely does not make her dumb. She's simply outside of her comfort zone. Hopefully she grows from the experience.
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