This thread can be used for misc Survivor goings on, facebook posts, tweets. (Sorry if there is another thread for this, I didnt know if they crossed over from season to season but a search pulled nothing up for it)

So at Rob Cesternino's website there is a contest going on for Mr and Ms. was open to any survivors on the air last year (the last 2 seasons). There was prelim voting that decided Andrea, Brenda, and Ciera...Rob wasnt able to get in touch with Brenda so Candace is her place filler. For the men it was Tyson, Malcom, and Hayden...he wasnt able to mesh schedules with Hayden so Aras is the replacement. They have all done interviews and the men have done a debate (womens is tonight) and then you vote on your pick for Mr and Ms Survivor. If you want the link I will be glad to inbox you!

Rob has also done his preview for the season and will have a cast assessment in the near future with Corrine. Its worth checking out!