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Thread: Lindsey - Cagayan (Brawn)

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    Re: Lindsey - Cagayan (Brawn)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jahim View Post
    I like her, but I have this feeling that she is just going to flop around. She strikes me as one of those "tough girls" who just look the part.
    Nothing more narcissistic than a self-quote, but I think I nailed it, for once at least. Flop she did.

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    Re: Lindsey - Cagayan (Brawn)

    I don't know why you would go on a show like this, if indeed you have a very short fuse. You are not going to like everyone, that's a given You will be hungry and you will be cold. I think Trish got on her nerves, ( and seeing their row again, it wasn't that bad)but I think the other things got to her as well. Tony was right, without Cliff she was doomed, and she knew it .I never did take to her.
    The average dog is a nicer person than the average person
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