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Thread: BB Andersen, from Survivor Borneo, has passed away

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    BB Andersen, from Survivor Borneo, has passed away

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    Re: BB Andersen, from Survivor Borneo, has passed away

    he only lasted two episodes, but I hope people here remember him.

    He was the brash leader of his tribe before asking to go home. He also caused a stir when he washed his clothes in the drinking water.

    But I liked him. He was a good character and he never played it up for the cameras. I wish he could have lasted a bit longer on the show.

    77 is not a bad age. There was another former Survivor contestant who died about 40 years earlier.

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    Re: BB Andersen, from Survivor Borneo, has passed away

    77 isn't a bad age, and definitely better than half that, but 87 or 97 is better if your health is good--speaking for those closing in on 77!

    I do remember him---although, funny, I don't remember that he was on the first season. But if so he set the standard for what goes wrong for those folks who are leaders and actually know something about construction, camping , etc.---it's very hard to keep your mouth shut when others goof off or do sloppy jobs, and that always ends up antagonizing the goof offs and slackers--he's the model for why people say, being the leader puts a big bullseye on your back. I remember feeling for the guy, who thought that people would logically listen to someone who knew something about what they were doing and who could help you survive if you listened to him. Unlike Richard Hatch who knew exactly what was going on--that it was a social game, and that the safe way to get people to appreciate you was to do stuff for them, like feed them, that they could repeatedly see the benefit of. Once you've built them a hut, or forced them to help you build a hut, they don't need you anymore. Not the way it should be on a show called Survivor, but definitely the way it is. Since I would have made the same mistake BB did, assuming I had the skills, I liked him.
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    Re: BB Andersen, from Survivor Borneo, has passed away

    Oh my gosh, he was great. Too bad.

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    Re: BB Andersen, from Survivor Borneo, has passed away

    Too bad they didn't mention him at the finale

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