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Thread: 10/23 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 6 **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 10/23 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 5 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by tbamom View Post
    Leave my Aras alone! Vytas should have told the women who his grampa was. Everyone loved Dr. Tom.
    Maybe Penner can come back and blow their cover like he did Lisa's......
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    Re: 10/23 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 6 **West Coast Spoilers**

    I wasn't aware that they are the sons of MacDonald Carey, a long time favorite actor of mine from many things other than the soap opera. I'll have to look at their faces more closely to see if I can find a resemblance.
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    Re: 10/23 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 6 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Meh, I honestly didn't really care about who won that duel...Brad was annoying, but I didn't strongly dislike him enough to really root against him, and John and Laura M are just kind of there to me. It's fascinating we ended up with such a gender imbalance on both tribes...I'm just glad Vytas and Ciera didn't draw opposite colors, then we'd be stuck with another battle of the sexes

    They've really been pushing Tyson and Gervase scheming against Aras lately, haven't they? It's a bit too obvious to me, and don't forget Aras is a fairly savvy player himself, he did win after all...I get the feeling that things aren't going to go the way Tyson and Gervase want. I think I see part of the problem the newbies had...that was such a rookie mistake for them to tell their new tribe mates about everything that happened at their camp.

    While it was tempting for the girls to stick together and vote out Vytas, I think they need him. He was strong in the challenge, and if he and Aras are still around, they just might side with the girls, particularly Tina, Monica, and Katie, especially if Tyson and Gervase overplay their hand against Aras. Kat was expendable anyway, just like last time the other women duped her into thinking she was more vital to the alliance than she really was. She needed to take her own advice and shut up at tribal, and Vytas did a great job of using her paranoia against her. Couldn't help but laugh at her comment about Hayden dumping her for not making the merge...she is such an idiot Once again Tina's been playing a great game...they didn't even talk about voting her out after her and Laura B's blunder in the challenge, and she seems to be in control of that tribe. I think Vytas might be a bit old for Katie though.
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    Re: 10/23 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 6 **West Coast Spoilers**

    I think it would be quite interesting if the teams were kept in the dark about who was left on redemption island.
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