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Thread: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    I despise Culpepper. I also kind of hate the rest of the guy's alliance for going along with his nonsense. Hey, we keep losing these challenges, so let's immediately vote out the strongest guy in our tribe and keep the two weak girls we kept over the stronger girls we already voted out! Oh, and I don't really want to look like the bad guy, so I'm going to pretend it wasn't my idea, m'kay? What a bunch of morons, I hope they set a record for continuous loses until they are decimated.

    And I'm dying to know why Culpepper has the word "heart" tattooed over his heart. Is it because he doesn't trust the Dr's to find the right place to cut if he were to need heart surgery? Or is he just so incredibly literal? I keep expecting to see the words "knee" "elbow" and "ankle" somewhere on his body (hopefully in the appropriate places). What a maroon. He has NO IDEA how to play this game. Tyson was 100% right about him.

    Speaking of Tyson, I knew there had to be a reason he went into the water so easily during the challenge. Ouch. Hope he recovers right away. How much did I love his cupcake belt buckle? I also love his attitude towards the game and his observations on Colton.

    Loved the moms pushing their daughters around on the challenge.

    And finally, wow, how clear was Jeff's disdain for poor pathetic Colton. I said earlier he had a true medical emergency in his earlier season, but I take that back now. Jeff basically said Colton lied. He obviously falls apart and runs when the going gets tough. It's pretty funny how bullies can fling barbs and act all tough, but the minute the balance of power swings away from them, the fall apart. I was glad Jeff was so harsh. I hope (sincerely) that this is the very. last. time. we. see. Colton. again. Take your drama and your tears and your petulance and just go away.

    I really hope Candice or John get back in the game and take Culpepper the megalomaniac out. Candice looks like she is ready to take him on, in the previews. I wonder how his wife feels watching him blunder so badly at playing the game. I bet she wants to kick him in the teeth.
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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by AZChristian View Post
    Chuckling while I ask: Was this doctor a female who has given birth AND had a dislocated shoulder? Otherwise, how would the doctor know?
    She was a female with a couple of young kids, don't know about the shoulder. But she did have a german shepherd.
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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    The only thing more pathetic than an all-female alliance is an all-male alliance.

    At least Colton is gone!
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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Don't you guys see? Brad wanted John out because John shared him the clue. Now that John is gone, only Brad knows where the HII is hidden. It's a very good move by Brad. It's funny that he asked the tribe if he's a tyrant. It means that he already considered himself the leader of the tribe as one has to be a leader first before they can be seen as a tyrant.

    As for Colton quitting twice, was Jeff insinuating that Colton faked his medivacuation last time? So now Jeff can gloat to the producers because it seems he knew that Colton was not going to last and was against re-casting him because he believed that Colton feigned his appendicitis. Has this been proven?

    I don't know about Tyson but if his tribe loses IC, he should vote out Monica to spite Brad. An eye for an eye. I think the strategy here is to get rid of anyone who still has a loved one on the other side. So getting rid of John was the bad thing to do. Instead, it should have been Brad if it had to be a guy.

    Caleb didn't play the IC because I believe they were allowed to play any guy (they have an advantage) because the other team is one guy short but have one more girl (then Tyson got injured). Otherwise it would have been Tina, Kat, or Laura against Caleb.

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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    ^ Brad has the word "honor" above his heart. Yeah, still really dislike him. And when he was discussing the idea of voting John, just telling the girls that he'd throw a vote their way. Really? So you want people to vote the way you tell them to yet you openly admit to them that you won't actively take part in it? I really wish they'd blindsided him instead. Looks like he's pretty hated by now. And the previews show him talking about how he's "in control of the tribe" and a "kingpin". Guess next week is going to be dull then if they're showing THAT in the previews, because he's been talking about that the whole time. I'm predicting another loss for that tribe. Wonder if they'll do a tribe switch in a couple of episodes or not.
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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Ugh...how stupid are these people? Those that follow Culpepper and Culpepper himself are idiots. Because Candice might come back we should get rid of John, but not me even though my wife is still in the game? We should think ahead to the merge rather than to winning the next challenge at this early day? Every time they have voted out stronger members over weaker ones. Under Culpepper's tyrantship they have won exactly no challenges, and yet they continue to follow. He's an idiot too for pushing it too far with the "I'll be the only one not to vote for him so that he isn't mad at me, even though it's all my idea. What a bunch of idiots. Yes I used the word idiots alot, but they are a lot of idiots. IDIOTS.

    Why isn't anyone thinking about this logically. First you need to take out the married people who will obviously share any winnings. Then I think the mother and daughters, who will also share the winnings. Non married couples next, who will probably share in the money, for awhile at least, but don't have any legal rights to it. The last "blood" standing should be the uncle/niece and brothers, who have the least interest in seeing the other win. Factor those things into keeping your tribe strong, but no one seems to be thinking logically, on the losing team at least.

    Oh, and Laura's attitude about "hurting" her child and saying afterwards "please don't be mad at me" like she was scared to death of her child being mad at her, well that tells me a lot about how her daughter ended up with a messed up life.
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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Does Brad and his stupid game play remind anyone else of Colton and his stupid game play during his first season? Brad is talking his tribe into doing things that are undermining their strength just like Colton did...remember when they won immunity, but he talked them into going to tribal?
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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    It seems like Brad has that personality that only those outside the circle aren't swayed by. Everyone in the circle feel honoured to be there and follow him anywhere.
    I like to consider myself open minded but the strut across the stage, sit on Caleb's lap thing made me groan. Not a Colton fan at all and feeling like there must be someone better for Caleb.
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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    I don't understand why nobody thinks getting John out was a good game move. He wasn't sharing the clues with his alliance, his wife was winning all of the RI battles by a mile, so at the merge, he could have walked in with an idol and his partner who had proved herself a strong competitor. He should have shared the clues with his entire alliance, and then there would have been no way they would have went along with voting him out. He didn't play smart and his alliance didn't trust him. They trusted Brad more. I was surprised when they didn't do it last week. This way, at least he has to play against his wife and only one of them has a chance to re-enter the game. Smart move.
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    Re: 10/2 Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    I didn't watch, but I am so glad I read this thread. A lot of gems in here:
    From Colton quitting to double wide hips to Az's question about the doctor to something regarding german shepherds (made me laugh but I'm still trying to figure it out), it's quite entertaining!

    I may check this one out online just to see Colton quit.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyK
    I like Tina. She's a Survivor legend and it's good to see her back.
    She's the only one I truly like, so I'm glad to hear she's doing well!

    As for childbirth pain, it's relative. I had a 30 hour painful labour, and my hospital room mate came in after an hour birth and said straight to my face, I kid you not, "well, I don't know what all the fuss is about! It's so easy!" If there weren't two newborns in the room, I would have punched her in the head. That said, dislocating your shoulder is VERY painful, besides the fact you very likely would have torn something, imagine all the nerves being pulled around. Ouch.

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