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What Colton's most infamous for is having a grudge against one of his tribe mates, Bill, for no rational reason. He made several nasty racial comments about Bill, who happens to be African American, and convinced his entire tribe to give up immunity after they won a challenge just so they could go to tribal council and vote out Bill (while some tribes have thrown challenges, this is still the only time a tribe gave up immunity after winning the challenge). After they mixed up tribes, he allied with another unlikable person, Alicia, and they bullied another player, Christina, both by making fun of her Asian heritage, and Colton even told her to jump in the fire at one point. Just before the merge, Colton had a problem with his appendix and had to be evacuated. I can understand why some would enjoy seeing someone so unlikable forced from the show, but personally I would have preferred to see him blindsided. So he's pretty much one of, if not the most, unlikeable people to ever play Survivor.