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Thread: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    So happy Cochran came out the winner. His gameplay was outstanding all season and his answers to questions at the final tribal council were so darn good....almost mesmerizing. YAY for him!!!

    Sherri was absolutely delusional to believe she had any chance to win and it became apparent she saw the light while this season unfolded week after week. I was almost embarrassed for her...

    Dawn. Well, Dawn wasn't my favorite but I thought the editing pointed to a win for her and after she was humiliated by Brenda I suspected my hunch was right. So happy she didn't receive a vote. I couldn't stand her!

    I, too, thought the finale was odd. In fact, it was downright rude not to have the entire cast on that stage. Heck, many the cast members who were on stage weren't even spoken to. Awful!

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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by AmyKay View Post
    It was my understanding from things said on twitter and articles backing it up that Brandon was asked to not even come to the "reunion" so they probably had the pre jury members off stage so that would not be the focus of the hour. Also, because of the events on twitter (Russell pretty much threatened Phillip, who Russell says is at fault for Brandon's pulled invite) I would be surprised if there will be a Hantz on next season. Maybe I am being optimistic but I hoping they (the producers/casting) have learned their lesson when it comes to the Hantz's
    The pre-jury cast was in the front row of the audience. I saw Matt, Corrine and the blondes, but I don't recall seeing Brandon.

    I also have a huge problem with all these reported "events on Twitter". I cannot imagine how anyone keeps up with watching the show and then following all the "social" sites. (Do any of those people ever get outdoors? ... And if they do and are doing things on their smart whatevers they should be careful I actually saw a girl walk her DOG right into a tree)

    Knowing what everyone all over the world thinks about things does not bring me joy or money. When it does it might be different, but for now I am happy here ... as well as being social with people I know.
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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    Fun to see Erik get pwned after he was rude to Sherri. Tired of seeing contestants become doormats. The kid deserved to get b-slapped.

    Dawn is a "great mom wannabe." She tried that schtick but never pulled it off. She also got pwned by Brenda.

    P.S. They should have pixelated Hatch 100%!
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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    Many have said:
    I have to say, I just loved Cochran's look
    And most are happy with Cochran's winning as well as Malcolm winning the Player of the Season. award.


    So, Cochran looks better but different to me ... and I think he had some work done. His skin is all better ... could that be done with stage make-up? And it looks to me like he had a nose job. Seriously, ... his nose looked much smaller/different in the profile shots on the Reunion than it did during the season. Perhaps it was where his new glasses were positioned, but I don't think so. Otherwise ... cleaned up, his look is just "preppy" and it suits him.

    I hesitate to say this ... but I am less happy with Cochran's win than most here. Dawn was my preference, and I think she got screwed by a bunch of young-uns.
    I think Dawn played a great game, and it bothers me that these young people didn't get it. I noticed Reynold squeezing her shoulders when mean-ish stuff was happening.

    Dawn wasn't able to express her game play clearly ... and Cochran deftly twisted her words a little concerning him being there.
    Um ... Cochran is a lawyer and even told us he has the gift of gab. I think Dawn played the better social game and she tried to express it but just fell short.

    As for Malcolm's win .... looking at it as "Fan Favorite" it seems understandable .... but as Player of the Season which is what they now call it I am 50-50 on it.

    Although Malcolm made some good and interesting moves with the idol and in his words went out in flames ... I think Andrea played a better game and in fact so did Eddie and both outlasted Malcolm. So ...

    By the way ... Sherrie is very pretty but forgettable. .... Did Jeff talk to her?
    "The way to become boring is to say everything." Voltaire

    " The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. "
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by CookieJ View Post
    .....In regards to Boston Rob, I think the book was a joke for Phillip.
    Apparently the book is real, with an ISBN number, available as paper and ebook from Amazon.
    Amazon.com: The Boston Rob Rulebook

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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    Blood and Water...hmmm. We might do a vampire/ghoulish things theme for the next Survivor pool.
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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ilja View Post
    I hate to say this because I don't want to hurt his feelings if he reads this but (famous last words), I thought Erik was a bit of a hypocrite when he asked Sherri what exactly did she do for game play? I wanted her to ask Erik back, what exactly did he do because of the tone he was using in his question. I could not help but feel like Erik was a bit bitter over the whole Brenda thing because she was his BFF. Did Erik ever strategize? I know he was the one that brought up the will they or won't they play the idol in the great Malcolm TC but that is not exactly strategizing for winning.
    Erik's big strategy was to get someone to point on the flag, the person name he was supposed to vote for at TC. Don't get me wrong I like Erik but did see a whole heck of a lot of strategizing going on with him. Even the conversations he was involved with he was mostly nodding/ agreeing so kind of found what he was accusing Sherri of was kind of pot/kettle.
    As for sherri she started the game off with a lot of strategizing, etc, breaking up the cool kids group. But when the twist happened didn't see much more of that going on. She did get herself infiltrated into the Favs alliance which was something Reynolds or Eddie couldn't do. I think part of her frustration at Eric at TC was not so much at him but at realizing how little the jury members thought of her, as most would not even address her.
    Even though I didn't think she had a hope in h*ll at winning I did think that was rude of the jury members and think that jury members should have to address all finalists. It doesn't matter if they don't think someone should be there - they outlasted them so they should be acknowledged.
    Cochran - so glad that he won. His opening statement would have won me over to vote for him. He knew exactly what to say and he said it well.
    The pre-jury survivors, thought they should have been on stage but since they didn't they should have at least let us know they were there. JP didn't even acknowledge that they were in the building but yet we had to watch him have a conversation with Boston Rob. Yeah like that was necessary.
    Overall the season was good, the ending was GREAT (Yeah Cochran), the reunion - not so much.
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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Maybaybie View Post
    I would have liked if Jeff had asked Cochran what made him chose to bring Dawn to the FTC instead of Eddie. He usually asks the winner about their choices, but he didn't this time. Sherri was a no-brainer- the only way she would've received a single vote is if Cochran and Dawn spontaneously dropped dead at Tribal Council....
    I agree. He definitely should have asked that, and then he should have asked for a show of hands of those who would have voted for Eddie (which he also usually does). That would have been interesting to see.
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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by mushybrain View Post
    I really like Erik, and I'm sorry he was pulled from the game, but he needs to grow a pair. He had power at final tribal. When Sherri told him to go sit down, he slunk away with his tail between his legs. He should have asked more questions and told her he would sit down when he was good and ready to sit down.
    From the way he moved when he sat down it read "She's not going to accept my help, I'm tired of trying to help her so yes, I will sit down and let her fester away the ONE chance she had to change her tactic to try and win the million." It didn't read to me as tail between the legs.

    Seeing Sherri when they did the vote and her saying that she knew she didn't have much of a chance, I think even SHE realized this was a mistake.

    Andrea was all class.
    I haven't seen someone act like this since Alicia in the Australia season - realizes she was voted out because she was a threat and sees it as cool. Much respect for her here.

    Phillip is still delusional. I'll bet he thought he was absolutely destroying Sherri by rescinding her membership in S'R'US. She must have been devastated.
    I REALLY wish Rob had just flat out told him "Dude, you were the goat that got me the million finally." In fact, though I think four times is a little much for a "Survivor" alumni to play, I think he as a person is a smart enough person to stay as low key as possible when not brought in by the "Survivor" crew to speak.

    The reunion show was TERRIBLE. Everyone on the season deserved a chance to sit on that stage, even if it highlighted the fact that Brandon had been banned. Jeff could have addressed why he wasn't there, and no one would have blamed the producers for not giving him more screen time to display his lunacy.
    I think sadly we also have Jerri to thank for this in the first all-stars season reunion (well her second time out of the three to play). She said the truth about how people shouldn't judge them on the editing that they were real people, and when people booed her for it she walked out.

    That said, the irony here is that Jeff said the reunion is optional (hence the bonus for appearing) and if they didn't want to be there they could leave if they wanted to leave. Here they didn't get much of a chance, and I DO think they could've said briefly that Brandon wasn't invited to the show because of his actions during and post the show, and if Phillip said any snarks, they could've ejected him.

    And maybe they were afraid to highlight a very key point again (as Jerri did to a point) this show heightens some aspects of a person's life - good and bad - and they don't want to focus on the point they recast a highly unstable and potentially dangerous person on the show. (and mind you Phillip is annoying, a Narcissist and has a little too much testosterone IMHO, but he wasn't as much of a threat to anyone but Brandon. The latter however, put the contestants' lives and health at risk dumping out the food.

    Speaking of gay, it was nice to see Rudy in the audience, and I am grateful to him for his service to our country, but what a waste-of-time interview.
    He provided no insight or thoughts on the season. He was just stuck on saying the word "queer". And another many seconds were wasted on Hatch.
    I didn't see this, and I like Rudy, but I don't think that his 180 on homosexuality by getting to know Rich in the first season was necessary for this show. IMHO, I think they were trying to show he's still the oldest alumni from the show and the oldest player to ever play "Survivor" (either time - I think 72 then 78 in All Stars 1).

    I didn't mind seeing BR. He was relevant to the game because Phillip made him relevant to the game. The hawking of his book was lame, though. (Is that even a real book, or just something he made up for Phillip?)

    And I beg of you, Survivor producers, PLEASE stop interviewing irrelevant audience members!!! The young girl was cute, but no one cared what she had to say about Malcolm. Jeff said that young people love Malcolm. OK. We believe you, Jeff. Young people love Malcolm. Move along.
    Rob has played four times and been to the finals twice (lost to his wife first time, won his last go), jury once and just out of jury once (his first time, and he even said then ousted because he was a threat).

    I think in placing standings he's got the best record save Sandra, who played twice and won twice. So, I can see the relevance.

    Yeah the audience almost always says dumb questions. The only one I liked was the first Twitter one to Cochran, who played it perfectly.
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    Re: 5/12 Survivor 26 Caramoan Finale and Reunion Show Thread

    ^Not to get too off topic here, but Rob was never on a jury. In both Marquesas and HvV, he was the last boot before the jury, just missing it both times. In terms of average placing, Parvati beats Rob (1st, 2nd, and 6th or 7th, I forget), and Amanda might too.

    As for the reunion show, yes it was pretty bad. I personally didn't miss the inclusion of the pre-jury boots, because honestly, they usually are pretty much ignored anyway, save for one or two of them. The rest just sit there all show with nothing to do or say really. Because of their short time on the show and limited airtime with so many contestants, many pre-jury boots seem somewhat forgettable. The only thing I would have been interested in pre-jury wise, would be some discussion of the "cool kids alliance", and possibly Francesca, because I like her, and didn't want to see her go first again.

    They seemed to talk to Cochran much less than they have previously to the eventual winner of it all. I didn't like that Erik wasn't spoken to, having one of the biggest stories (and biggest surprises) of the final episode. Sherri was pretty much ignored, as well as Michael and Eddie. Ignoring these contestants wouldn't bother me so much had they been focusing on other players from this season. But no, they had that extremely pointless and bizarre segment with Rudy and the Rich video, which was pretty much just a way of saying "Hey, look, first season players! Survivor is now in season 26! We've lasted so long!" I can somewhat appreciate it if past players are asked about this season, who they thought played well, or to analyze some aspect of it, but that wasn't the case here. It was just stupid, pointless filler, which is one of the many reasons I no longer watch shows like American Idol. I also dislike the gushing over one person (Malcolm, isn't he so great at everything, look at his hair, he's so hot). It's just annoying, and showing the B&B video was awkward. I'd seen it before and his acting in it is hands-down terrible. The girl in the audience was pointless and awkward too. Inconsequential, but I've noticed that usually Jeff says happy mother's day when the final show falls on that day, but didn't this time.
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