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Thread: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Evande View Post
    I think Shamar had a really good chance to win his tribe over tonight, but as soon as he got back to camp he was the same as before. I wonder if his contact lenses contributed to the eye injury.
    Could have been a factor. When you wear contact lenses, it's important to actually blink your eyes once in a while to keep the cornea and eye membranes hydrated. The only times he ever opened his eyes were for the reward challenges, the immunity challenges, and to see who was delivering his rice.

    I'm glad he's not typical of the marines who are defending this country. If he were, God help us all.
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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I was bored again last night. Now Shamar has gone- who are they going to whine about? Oh yes, its the favourites turn and Brandon goes nuts . I swear this show is way way too predictable now. Shamar wanted off that island, his eye hurting( and I am sure did ) was just all too easy

    I like Reynolds, at least he gives it his all at challenges, I thought he was going to beat Philip( who was also good) Brandon is a good physical player, but who knows what happens next week.I am sure the previews have only have half of it right Wont miss Laura, never knew her
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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Bit View Post
    I makes me wonder where they are getting these so-called "fans." They don't seem to know how to play the game at all. These people should be concentrating on winning the challenges and working together as a team against the other tribe. It doesn't really matter if you're on the "cool kids" side or the "nerds" side. When the merge happens, you are all going to be outnumbered by the other tribe, and (most likely) picked off one by one.
    I don't understand. The so called 'nerds' voted out the weakest person last night, right? So what is the complaint? Of course the strongest voice against voting out Laura was Sherri, but she had to think that angle, since with Laura and Shamar gone, she is the weakest now and the obvious vote out if they look to continue strengthening the tribe. All of that said, they got rid of Laura because they knew they still have numbers against Reynold and the other guy. And, so far the tribe had gotten hid of the two girls, who weren't exactly challenge beasts, so, no great loss.

    I just have to add, that numbers are important, but time and again we've seen people outplay the numbers. Usually, the majority tribe has cracks and the minority tribe uses that... Denise and Malcolm come to mind.

    Anyway, I just have to say I hate Reynold. I really do. He's better than his buddy only in that he has a few more brain cells than the other guy, but the other guy is like a blow up doll. When he started pointing out all the weak people on the tribe, I was like, really? Are you really that stupid? The only weak person he had to point out was Laura, that was their target. Now Sherri and the other girl know what he thinks. Completely moronic!
    Reynold is everything I hate about people. He's ugly, mean, delusional (really, they got rid of Hope because she was the prettiest one and a threat? How the heck does being pretty make you a threat on this show? (Dare I mention Denise again?)

    I'm kind of looking forward to seeing Brandon's meltdown next week, but part of me feels bad. This guy does not need his problems aired. He just needs help, and I can't forget that he's just a kid in many ways. It's just kind of sad.

    As for Phillip, he can go anytime. I also kind of feel bad knowing everyone is mostly just laughing at the guy, not with him.
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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Reynolds is acting like an entitled jerk. And he's clueless. They didn't vote off your alliance mate "because she was the prettiest girl there", you idiot--they voted her off because she was the physically weakest member of your alliance! If you hadn't formed an alliance with her she'd still be there! Really, he thinks Sherri is worrying about which girls are the prettiest and only keeping the "ugly" ones? She's keeping the ones who will vote with her!
    Yes, he works hard on challenges...because he knows who leaves if they lose. Maybe he would anyway, but this gives him extra incentive.
    As to playing like a true fan, Sherri is. I'm sure she'd rather they were winning challenges, witness her reluctant sacrifice of an alliance mate last night, but she's also seen enough shows to know that when the hormone filled young 'uns are in charge of a tribe, when there's a loss the "old woman" goes home. Yes, her tribe will be in trouble after the merge, but this way at least a lot of her alliance, and Sherri herself, will get to the merge. I'm sure Reynolds and Eddie would have sacrificed Sherri before their snuggle mates.
    Reynolds is a loser, and I bet he's never been one before....welcome to a world in which the nerds do not bow down before you, Reynolds. I'm finding his impotent frothing kind of funny--sick, I know. A bunch of ugly/old people telling him what to do....

    ETA...spockwhat! Two minds with but a single thought! Mindmeld!
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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by PWS View Post
    Yes, didn't you see Sherri filling up a bamboo plate with rice for him, saying to the others that in real life she would NEVER do this, that she doesn't serve her husband....

    Well, when we were speculating at the start about who was being medevaced out someone thought they'd seen female legs in the preview ad....somehow I don't think anyone could confuse Shamar's legs with those of a woman...
    For sure, there'd be no confusion between Shamar's legs and those of a female. I think the clip in the commercial was completely different from what aired on the show last night. The audio was the same, but the commercial showed the side view of what looked like a male with a ponytail, sitting up next to the medic. Another reality show edit cut and paste job IMO.

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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Just got to watch last night's episode - won't miss lazy-ass Shamar and won't miss Laura. Phillip, I didn't mind so much this time. He did great in the challenge. And next week we get treated to more Hantz antics? Sigh.

    I'd really like to know how Sherri has managed to keep eye makeup on this far into the game. Must be some good stuff!
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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd View Post
    Just got to watch last night's episode - won't miss lazy-ass Shamar and won't miss Laura. Phillip, I didn't mind so much this time. He did great in the challenge. And next week we get treated to more Hantz antics? Sigh.

    I'd really like to know how Sherri has managed to keep eye makeup on this far into the game. Must be some good stuff!
    My hubby asked the same thing about the makeup. Did she maybe have eye-liner tattooed?

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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    That was my first thought. She may have had eyeliner tattooed, and then perhaps had her eyelashes tinted? There's really no other explanation because it's glaringly obvious when you look at her eyes compared to the other women on the show.

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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Which sounds better - Brandonfeld or Hantzfeld?

    If he were to have a TV show full of his crazy mishaps. Which is what Survivor is becoming.

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    Re: 3/6 Survivor 26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by PWS View Post
    What on earth makes Brandon go off that way? I don't see his team being close to voting him out yet...he's been an asset in challenges, and recently at least, not been too nuts in public, that we've seen. He dumped over a nearly full large basket of rice! I wonder if they replace the rice?

    There's actually a way to separate rice from sand....this was discovered by a young female primate (a baboon I think) who then taught it to others, but observors saw her invent it... She tossed the mix of rice and sand into a stream...the sand sank and she ate the rice as it floated, all washed clean. In this case you'd have to put it into the pot and then scoop the rice off the top and quickly dry it....with all the stuff they've got there's probably a bolt of cloth they could use...hold above the fire...

    When Tata was showing them how to cook rice in bamboo did he say to put the fire in the middle section of the bamboo? That's what I thought he said...so you could cook the rice even in the rain... Cool, a homemade rice cooker!

    The med woman said there was alike a divot out of Shamar's eye...not just a scratch. From sand in his eye I think.

    I really dislike Eddie and Reynolds....they act like the "weaker" members should just bow out, for the good of the tribe, forgetting that it is an INDIVIDUAL game. Sherri is right to be worried that there will only be two women left, and if the men are into saving the strong who will they vote off next. The bearded guy has always been wishy washy...I hope his friend can talk sense in to him as to who Eddie and Reynolds will be loyal to.

    I hate that Reynolds more than Eddie, are so arrogant that they feel that because they are good looking and young and smart that automatically all the other players should just give them the prize. That it's OK for them to use people because they are the pretty cool ones.
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