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Thread: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    Good. Riddance.

    I really don't have any more words to describe what I think of Abi, although "Idiot" and "Moron" come to mind.
    Look out, Ponderosa, here she comes.

    Skupin's dance leaving TC was one of the best things I've seen on this show.

    Malcolm's come from behind victory at the IC was awesome. He's truly one of my favourite Survivors ever. Denise's bite on her neck was scary, and you just know it had to hurt like crazy for such a strong woman to be reduced to tears. I didn't feel at all uncomfortable seeing Lisa and Skupin pray for her. For some reason I thought Denise truly appreciated the gesture as completely sincere and done in the spirit of friendship. She said "thanks guys" afterwards, so I didn't get the impression she was offended at all.

    It's truly amazing that Malcolm and Denise are sitting where they are right now. Really, coming from such a dysfunctional tribe at the beginning to sitting so strongly at F4 is so cool. If I could give both of them the win, I would. If I could give both of them a fan fave, I would. I really love both of them.
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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    Meant to say also that I was glad to see a final 4 alliance actually become the final 4, no matter how tempting to take the "goat"! I was really worried for Denise - vote-wise, as well as that bite.

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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    I was so disgusted with Abi's behavior at TC that I didn't even cheer when her fire was snuffed out. All I could do was sigh with relief. It was short lived though. When I saw the remaining survivors dancing with delight as they skipped away from TC I had to smile broadly and give a little round of applause. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!!

    They can't post Ponderose fast enough for me.
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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    I feel like Mike is way too tolerant of Abi's behaviour, but perhaps that will help him out in the long run. I just can't believe how he sits there and listens to comments like that from Abi, almost a verbal attack. But maybe he is older and wiser, and this will help him at the end of the game.

    Malcolm is going to have to win immunity again in order to make it to the final 3. I am also a little shocked he didn't give Denise his idol.

    Abi. Is just Abi at this point. She finds Denise condescending, and has an issue with that, but she seems to think her own way of addressing people is perfectly fine? Hmm.

    Lisa I feel was practicing her speech a little tonight. With her "it wasn't luck it was our original tribe winning challenges" talk. Padding the jury members egos. Realistically, I think it was a lot of luck. Abi did not participate in many of the challenges, therefore had no part in her team winning immunity. She just happened to be on a team with strong players. Also, her tribe finished second more than once, and if there were only two tribes, second place would mean tribal counsel.

    And Denise for me is extremely intelligent, and I feel the way she expresses herself may be misunderstood. She answers very directly and to the point. To me, Denise is a no nonsense person when answering questions. I really don't think she is condescending at all. She just comes across as more intelligent than the others.

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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    Abi is beyond rude. I have no words. Calling Supkin an idiot and a moron, not letting him speak and interrupting constantly to belittle him...and yet, she has the nerve to call out everyone else for targeting her...and saying it is because she is Latin. No, it is because she is a BITCH! She calls herself honest and says that she tells it like it is, unfortunately, she can't accept it when others do the same. And she refuses to listen to anyone unless they kiss her a**. Her sense of entitlement is ridiculous. I am curious to see what stupid question she ask the F3 and if she will actually let them finish their answer!

    I have read the exit interview of the eliminated players and I have yet to hear anyone say anything nice about her...even those so called members of her alliance...Pete and Artis. Some have been more diplomatic than others, but none have praised her in any way. I will be curious to see how the audience reacts to her at the after...I have a feeling it will not be pretty.

    Malcolm. I was rather disappointed with him tonight. I was hoping he would honour his agreement with Denise...at least up to this point...and give her that extra HI...just in case. So far, that is the only quibble I have about him and how he has played the game.

    Lastly...I would have loved to be on that reward challenge! Swimming with that whale shark was beyond amazing. That is something they will never forget.
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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd View Post
    I so want that clip of Abi tripping on the beach.
    ROFL! I saw that one too. She looked so pensive, serious and feeling sexy...then she tripped! What's even funnier was they showed it on TV for a split second before they immediately cut to the next frame as if it was an inncocent edit. LOL

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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by wannasee View Post
    Exactly my thoughts and it was Malcolm who voiced it, I think. Added to our speculation last week on someone being audacious enough to say they were taking someone they knew they could beat...that might just make some people change their vote.

    I had no problem with Lisa tonight but may have missed a crying jag. I actually thought she had a couple of smart (and independent) comments. As for the "prayer circle," I've had it offered and it is possible to nicely say no thank-you and not be struck by lightening or anything. It also doesn't make someone hypocritical IMO to pray for someone to heal and be comforted and want to vote them out of a game. Meh.

    Malcolm may have lost my fan favorite votes by not giving Denise the idol. I mean...why take a chance on everyone voting Abi out? He can't use it and after this vote, no one could. Only reason not to give it to her is to see if the others made a deal to get rid of her. Again IMO.
    He said he wanted his mom to have it to hang up (paraphrasing).

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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    I wish in the RC the winner can only take 1 person with him. I mean, with only 5 left, there's too many of them having the reward and too few not having it. Or if he doesn't want it, he can have someone take his place (strategy like the car with Yauman, but that never works). I saw wanted Denise to win that IC and I thought she was going to. I was cheering for her until Malcolm came from far behind! What a win! He deserved it. But Denise was awesome too considering that she was injured and may still be in pain coming into the challenge.

    I thought Malcolm's win was fine as he would just give the IC necklace to Denise and then use his HII. But I was very disappointed that he didn't do it. If I was Denise I'd be very disappointed. I mean, why take a chance? Why put yourselves in a situation where the other alliance can take out one of yours? Denise should have demanded it since it's the last time he can use his HII and he had no need for the IC necklace. Also, even Jeff reiterated that the voting decision was either Abi or Denise so it should have been automatic for Malcolm to give the IC necklace to Denise just to be safe.

    I see that Malcolm wanted to keep the HII for his mom. I think that's kinda selfish. I hope Denise wins the next IC. If Malcolm and Denise makes F3, who do you think is the worthiest taking with them to the F3?
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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    It was smart of Malcom to leave with the idol. Dumb to give it to his mom, however. Keep it!

    The deal they all made was to make it to F4 and then anything goes. Giving his idol to Denise would not have been wise. He had just made an F3 deal with Skupin and Lisa on the reward boat ride. I don't think Skupin and Lisa were serious about that but it seemed Malcom thought they were.

    Sunday cannot come fast enough. Anyone one of them could win. It is impossible to figure the jury votes.

    On Jeff's show Lisa said her brother breathed life back into her and she got back into game mode. This was evident last night. She was strong, centered and going for it. Good for her!

    I would like to know what bit Denise. A medic looked at it, for sure, and probably knew what it was. Did they give her an antedote? I hope it comes out. The "fang" marks were creepy!
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    Re: 12/12 Show Discussions **Spoilers**

    Does anyone know for sure that we are having a final 3 and not a final 2? I think all the players just assume it will be a F3, so maybe just having a F2 would be a twist they aren't expecting. Usually going into the final 2 hour episode there are 5 players left and we have 2 TC's (going from 5 to 4 and 4 to 3) and then the final tribal council. I have always prefered a final 2 because it seems when there is a final 3 that one of the 3 gets no votes and was pointless for them to even be there. I will say that if there do end up being a final 3 this season that it may be the only season where it could possibly be a 3 way tie- they are all likable and all played a good game so that wouldn't surpise me. I do think that if Malcolm makes it to the finals that he wins. He really hasn't back stabbed anyone, he's played a strong physical game and a strong social game and people will respect that. I don't think Denise is a slam dunk as most think she is. She has a also played a strong physical and social game, but from the outside it may appear to some that she rode in on Malcolm's coat tails. I don't think she did, but some may see it that way. Although I think Skupin has played a decent game, I just don't see him winning (oh goodness, I agree with Abi!!). I'm not sure why, but I just don't. I think Malcolm's biggest threat to win is LIsa. She has back stabbed and she has flip flopped, but for some reason she is still there. The jury knows how hard it has been for her to play this game and she might get some extra credit for that. She has also never won individual immunity and still managed to make it to the end. She has also made some big, bold moves in the game and that tends to get rewarded- it just depends on the jury.

    I had to laugh at Abi seeming to be truly surprised that she wasn't chosen to go on the reward. Was she not aware that she is not in their alliance? If Jeff had said to Skupin to pick THREE people to go, Abi still wouldn't have been chosen! My husband was in the room during this challange and has never seen any of this season. He said "Is that Abi person dellusional? They obviously don't like her and it seems like she is a total (w)itch anyway so why would they choose her?" Yup, that about sums it up!

    I understand the reasoning of keeping Denise over Abi into the final 4. Whomever broke the allilance would have looked like the 'bad guy' and that would have been played up with the jury as the other members could say that they kept their word and Skup and Lisa did not. Also Lisa is smart in thinking they needed Denise to try and beat Malcolm at the final challange. They also assume that Malcolm will automatically choose Denise as one of the F3 and that only leaves one spot for Lisa or Skupin. If Denise wins final immunity than they think she may give Malcolm (the biggest threat) the boot and pick both Lisa and Skupin for the F3. This assumes 2 things....
    1. There is a F3, not a F2
    2. That Malcolm would automatically choose Denise, which I don't think he will as he sees her as his big threat to lose the game

    I think Skup and Lisa end up as 2 of the 3 no matter what. My final prediction is if Malcolm is in the finals, he wins. If he is not, than Lisa wins.
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