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Thread: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

    Oh, yeah. Thanks for the reminder! I hadn't expected Malcolm to be so good with kids. He was great! I hope he does reconsider his career path.

    I liked that reward, too. It's good to get the castaways out of the game so they see there's something more important at stake than just winning the prize money. They're all getting an incredible experience playing the game and that's a reward itself!
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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

    Skupin went from moron to hero in a week. Saw the light. I don't believe there is anyone dumber than Lisa who flat out was told before the vote that she isn't part of their little crew. Abi just lost a million for anyone in her group. Pure idiot. Artis was excellent in his exit speech. He just ended up in the wrong alliance.
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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

    Gosh, I love this show. I know so many people say it is getting old, but tonight's show is proof it can still be great.

    I'm amazed at how a reasonably attractive girl such as Abi, can be so ugly because of how she is on the inside. I wish they would have voted her out, but I know they couldn't risk her playing the idol. I love knowing she is home watching now and hearing that they voted Artis because they knew Abi was too selfish to let him have the idol. I felt bad for Pete and Artis having to sit there and listen to Abi dig a hold deeper and deeper.

    About her hitting Skupin on the head with the coconut, wasn't Abi the one whole called another player a Bit#$ because the player accidentally pulled her hair? I heard Abi ask Skupin if he was okay, but did she ever apologize? The only reason I'm glad Abi is still there is so we can watch how mad she will be next week and I'm sure she will continue to dig a deeper and deeper hole.

    Come on Lisa, Abi doesn't deserve your loyalty and if you stick with her, it will be your demise.

    Did I mention that I LOVE this show, after all these years!

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    Re: November 14th Episode

    Quote Originally Posted by sugarmama View Post
    from day one, i could tell denise had great potential. Dang, that woman doesn't have an ounce of fat on her body! She's not a fitness instructor.... She's a sex therapist! How does she do it? ........ Wait never mind

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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    Ah Jeff Kent. Just can't help being a miserable acehole.
    I like him. Always will. Can't help it. I admire him for speaking out about how steroid use in baseball is wrong and anyone caught using should be banned, no exceptions. I thought his exit speech was simply a gut reaction. I`d probably go the bitter loser route, too.
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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

    Artis actually showed himself to have good qualities tonight as he gets ousted. He wasn't nearly as bitter and ill-tempered as he had seemed in every other episode. Such a shame.

    Malcolm just gained a few more positive points and I really like him anyway.

    Poor Lisa is so conflicted. I really like her though.

    I've always thought that Penner was a good player, but I actually like him more the further into this season he gets.

    Abi is just vile. I keep waiting to see a softer more likeable side, but I'm thinking this is all there is. Most people I give a pass for certain behaviors since it is a game, but I think this is all there is for her.

    Denice is continuing to impress. On the first night I really thought I'd find her overbearing but she has really proven to be a great competitor and likeable.

    Skupin is finally playing the game.....Thank God!

    Pete is dangerous, but I think he realizes Abi is going to be the death of his game. He knows he is in trouble.

    Carter is still the one I forget about.

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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

    While loyalty is genuinely a virtue, blind loyalty can just as easily be a fault. Lisa seems to think that once you agree to be loyal to a group of people, you must remain so, no matter how they treat you. She should realize by now that she's low person on the totem pole (along with Skupin) in her original alliance, and now that Skupin, who's been the most loyal to her, has flipped, she really has no one there. And frankly, the people in the other alliance are just plain easier to get along with and generally nicer. If you're going to be stuck together with a small group of people for a while, why not choose the ones who are decent?

    Truthfully, she might well get picked off quickly in either alliance anyway, once everyone on the opposing team was gone. So why not spend the majority of your time with the people who aren't as awful? Well, okay, maybe the rest of her old alliance isn't entirely awful, but Abi is so annoying that it would be worth it just to be away from her. Honestly, I think even her own alliance would prefer to be away from her. She really has no social skills at all, which she might get away with a little better if she had something else to offer, but she's not terrifically good at challenges or smart enough to outplay anyone. Her only purpose is to for someone to drag her along to the finals in order to be up against someone for whom no one would vote.
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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

    ONe angle Penner didn't try (or that they didn't show) is making a heartfelt plea to Malcolm to give him the idol. Since they weren't sure any Tandang would switch, this would have guaranteed someone from Tandang would have gone home. I'm sure Malcolm wouldn't have given it up, but it would've given them the power so it was possible. Tandang has such tunnel vision to vote for Penner that all those votes wouldn't have counted. My dream scenario would have been for Malcolm to give Penner the idol. All of the Tandoofusses vote for Penner and none of their votes count. Kalabalcolm all vote for Abi and since she seems to think she is invincible she doesn't use her idol and her torch is snuffed and she leaves with the idol in her pocket!

    OK...so Skupin switching accomplished basically the same thing- saving Penner- but is wasn't nearly as good as my scenario!
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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by maul52 View Post
    Abi: "You voted for me? YOU voted for me."

    Yes, Penner voted for you. Get over yourself!
    Few people get me "riled up" but she is one of them. I have to hold back my imagination of taking her head and slapping it upside a palm tree, which wouldn't be nice and I'd never do (I'm a Lisa wanna-be). But I can fantasize about it.

    Abi.....oh, Abi...... hell will be your homecoming.
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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussiion Thread **Spoilers**

    okay, what the frifdk is going on?! I just don't get it. I guess I am not watching carefully or the editing is really bad. Seriously, I am not sure what is going down. Anyone else confused?

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