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Thread: Lisa - Philippines

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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    Quote Originally Posted by Florimel View Post
    I think that Lisa has a thicker skin than many think. You don't work as a child star for several years on a hit show and then grow up to avoid the sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll life that many of the fall into if you're overly fragile. Lisa was under major pressure for years from the network and the show runners to lose weight as was Kim Fields. Both were threatened with replacement more than once. They wanted only Mindy Cohen to be heavy and Nancy McKeon was naturally thin.
    I think her strong religious convictions played into her thick skin and to keep out of trouble. I hope that if she wins, she uses the money to do real good (feed the poor, education, etc.) instead of some wacky-hate initiative (gays, atheist, etc).

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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    It's possible/probably that a lot of her tears and emotions are an offshoot of her recently ended marriage. She's dealing with a LOT of changes in her life right now, and I'm not sure that spending 6 weeks with little food or shelter with a bunch of strangers (at least one of whom is psychotic) was the best idea. I think, all things considered, she's doing an amazing job. When I saw how she clung to her brother and just sobbed, I saw a woman who was teetering on an emotional edge who finally had someone around her she KNEW she could trust.

    I'm proud of her - and the others - who have made it to the final four. Not a loser in the bunch.

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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    In the reunion show, Lisa finished her monlogue about how Survivor was life-changing by saying "...Christianity is about acceptance."

    Uh... really? 'Cuz lately... not so much.

    I'm actually glad she feels this way. Further, I suggest she spend lots and lots of time reminding her fellow Christians of this point.
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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    When she applies that to her attitude towards homosexuality I'll be more likely to believe she believes that.

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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    Perhaps through her Survivor experience she has changed and thats why she said that

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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    Jeff forgot to ask Penner ( he had it noted on his card) - why he needed to out her at the FTC. He thought it was petty , so did I. .Lisa handled it very well
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