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Thread: Lisa - Philippines

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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    I can't help but hope she pulls herself together, I like underdogs. She really should try and bond with Skupin, he seems to like her, and if they keep winning, she could be in a pretty good spot, especially if RC and Abi Maria have a falling out by the first time they lose a challenge.
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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea View Post
    Lisa is welcome to pray for my gay brother all she likes, but I highly doubt it will change his orientation. What people pray about in private is private, and I respect that.

    It does, however, indicate an intolerance of others' choices and lifestyle, and that I have a little more of a problem with.

    What really bothers me, though, is having read up on Lisa's "child rearing" practices, which she outlined in her book Creative Correction: extraordinary ideas for child rearing. Her advocation of "hot sauce parenting" is just over the top and is child abuse, IMO. I am sure others won't share my view of this, but while it doesn't leave bruises on the outside, it is abusive, even if she recommends "just a drop" and says you can use vinegar or lemon juice as alternatives, it's demeaning and controlling and, frankly, not very good parenting. She has some interesting ideas about how children should behave. Her ideas on child rearing are the complete opposite of my own and personally I think there is something seriously wrong in your house if you have to resort to the methods she uses to control her children.

    That said, I did feel a little sorry for her last episode. But really, how hard is it to just sit by the fire or in the shelter making small talk?? Unless you have a significant personality disorder, it cannot be that hard to appear to be social, or at least appear like you're making the effort to be social. Her going off on her own and crying constantly is impacting her game and she has nobody to blame for that but herself. I understand that her marriage had just recently fallen apart and of course that would be very difficult to just set aside during the game, but perhaps this wasn't the best time to go off and be on Survivor if that's the case.

    Either she figures it out and gets back in the game, or she'll be gone. Unless Abi goes off the deep end and then she'll be safe for at least one vote.
    I agree with everything you said except her isolating. I am with Fanny Mare; it is her edit. I doubt she isolated as much as they would like us to believe.
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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    From my perspective and experience I have to respectfully disagree with your statement that `a person has to have a significant personality disorder` if they are unable to make small talk. thats more of a judgment than a fact, I think. My husband has led entire batillions in multiple deployments over the years, in high stress war zones. He has been honored multiple times for his leadership skills privately, by grateful soldiers, and in public, by the military. But put him in a simple social situation, like a bar-b-que, involving small talk with a group of acquaintances and he vanishes-he busies himself with other activities (cooking, cleaning, making drinks) since small talk is extremely uncomfortable. He doesn't need treatment or medication just because small talk isn't his forte. It's quite common and hardly a sign, in of itself, of a personality or psychiatric disorder.
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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    Sorry if this has been reported before, but I did see Lisa on "The Talk" & she did say that she trained with, (I believe) the Navy Seals on survival. But once the show started, that's when the info was reported that she was divorcing. That in itself could be while she appears so fragile personally.
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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    Seeing as how we've seen her, in these last episodes, much happier and more with the group...it makes me wonder if the initial focus on her setting herself apart and having trouble fitting in was due in large part to the editing. Sure, she said she was having trouble, but that could have been the initial phase where reality sets in and you are so removed from your comfort zone, you freak out a little. Now, she seems much more in control of her emotions, and a part of the group.
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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    I just read an article that says Lisa has West Nile virus. Apparently Lisa tweeted yesterday that she was just diagnosed. She's quoted as saying she's tired but otherwise doing fine and that it can take a year to recover fully.
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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    Lisa has West Nile Virus, but they say it's unlikely she got it from her time on Survivor.

    'Survivor's' Lisa Whelchel tweets diagnosis of West Nile virusCBS

    By Randee Dawn, TODAY contributor
    She's still out there fighting (and scheming) on "Survivor: Philippines," but former "Facts of Life" star Lisa Whelchel recently tweeted that she's got a different sort of battle on her hands now: West Nile virus.

    Whelchel's "Survivor" stint is still airing on CBS, but she's been home for some time, having taped those episodes this spring. As Andy Dehnart of "Reality Blurred" noted, WebMD indicates that symptoms for West Nile occur within 14 days after being bitten by a mosquito, so it is unlikely that she contracted the virus during the course of the show.

    According to researchers, West Nile is a virus transmitted after a mosquito bites an infected bird, then bites a human. It can weaken the immune system and symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, sore throat and rash. More severe versions can lead to a change in ability to think clearly and coma, according to the National Institute of Health's PubMed Health site.

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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    There have been loads of cases of West Nile Virus in Dallas/Fort Worth & the surrounding areas, so it wouldn't surprise me one bit that she got it right here at home.

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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    My son had a fairly mild version of it that he contracted in Arizona. As Holly71 says, it's not uncommon in the southwestern U.S.

    I wish Lisa well and I think she may surprise us by staying around longer than we may suspect. She's in my pool, so I hope so.
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    Re: Lisa - Philippines

    Hoping that it's just a mild case for Lisa.

    One a separate note - has anyone else noticed that Lisa looks darn good for someone out in the jungle without the benfit of a comb, etc? Even her HAIR looks good!
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