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Thread: Carter - Philippines

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    Re: Carter - Philippines

    Quote Originally Posted by Kocky_Kamikaze View Post
    Very much so as a follower. Maybe more like a floater in the clouds. Half the time clueless as to what was going on. The reason why I said that is because, not once but, TWICE he told Penner that he thought the vote was for him. Really... what kind of player does that??? Sometimes I have ditzy moments but NEVER like that!

    In the respect of Carter not wanting to fan flames, he's like me. Why start something that won't end up in a satisfactory ending? Abi is who she is. The fact that what we saw during the game is her genuine personality. I can tell by her personality at the Ponderosa. Most people when they're playing Survivor have their gameface on. When they come to Ponderosa, they're completely different. Night and day! Abi has been consistently like a prepubescent mean girl from the first day to the last. And I seriously doubt that when she looks at the footage of herself, she's not going to see what others have endured. She'll just call them morons as well.

    I honestly couldn't see Carter winning at the end. Maybe if they had the car curse challenge he could win that and then get voted off. He won a couple of individual challenges but, that was it. No game play whatsoever. Even "floater" Sandra made herself known put herself out in the forefront with her mouth. Carter played a wallpaper game outside of challenges. Winning a couple of challenges doesn't amount to "deserving" the win, in my opinion.

    With all due respect Carter and Malcom were neck and neck in the last two challenges Carter participated in, it was luck, not dominance that was on Malcolm's side. Had luck chosen to visit Carter instead in those last two challenges Carter would have won immunity not Malcom and we would be looking at a very different game right now. Malcom knows darn well he has the Gods of luck to thank in winning that last immunity challenge against Carter. IMO, Carter deserves as much respect as is being given to Denise and Malcom. If Carter is just a sweet kid whose floating along obliviously there would not have been such a panic to get him out of there. The alliance realized `holy cr@@` Carter in the final 2? Hes going to be so hard to beat because he played the game w/o going back on his word, shared or gave up his winnings for the benefit of others, did not piss off a single person, dominated in physical challenges and according to his fellow Survivors was the go to guy for positive reenforcement and killer humor (and these cast mates have all said much of Carters time on the island was indeed heavily edited as to deem him almost unrecognizable to those who lived with him on the island).
    "Almost everybody has a hard time apologizing if they feel “over accused”, that is, pushed to assume more than their fair share of the blame. As one man put it, “When my wife criticizes me, I don’t want to apologize because I feel like I’m putting my neck on the chopping block. If I apologize, I’m agreeing with her that I’m the whole problem. And that’s not true.” - Psychology Today

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    Re: Carter - Philippines

    Penner told me ``Remember your experiences because when they play them back (on tv) they won`t look anything like the way they actually happened.''

    Great quote!
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    Re: Carter - Philippines

    That's a shame--we viewers could have used a little of that humor! I guess the secret for future Carter players is to be sure to give good one on one interviews, explaining what you are doing. That way your good moments may make the screen.

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