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Thread: Links To All Of The Fort's Survivor 6 Articles

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    S6 Recaps, Precaps, Piranha Reports, Shadows, and Other Articles

    Even though Survivor 6 has come to an end, I know people are still looking for some great articles to read. Here you will find links to all articles related to Survivor 6. These links will take you directly to the Official Articles Forum. If you would like to comment on any of the articles please PM or email the author or go to Survivor 6 forum.

    Have fun.

    Paulie’s Precaps

    Episode 1: Noise, Purses, Curls

    Episode 2: Charms

    Episode 3: Squirrel Powder

    Episode 4: Wrapped

    Episode 5: Mix-up Tricks

    Episode 6: Mortar Seats That Fly

    Episode 7: Pearls on Piled Dirt

    Episode 8: Creeping With the Ten of Me

    Episode 9: The Brain

    Episode 10: Queuin' Day

    Episode 11: Tower Gates

    Episode 12: The Chance To Unrepeat Stuff

    Episode 13: ...A Hen Terror War

    Fluff’s Recaps

    Episode 1 Recap - Gimme Shelter

    Episode 2 recap - Granola Gay

    Episode 3 recap - Don't Get Cute With Me.

    Episode 4 recap - "My Left Toe"

    Episode 5 recap "Sweat Pants"

    Episode 6 recap "Pleased to Meat Chew"

    Episode 7 Recap "Thoroughly Rogered”

    Episode 8 recap – “Johnson, You Have a Problem"

    Episode 9 Recap - "Seize the D.A."

    Episode 11 Recap - No Ball For Cinders

    Episode 12 recap – Disastermind

    Standing In The Shadows – Collaborations

    Week 1

    Week 2

    Week 3

    Week 4

    Week 5

    Week 6

    Week 7

    Week 8

    Week 9

    Week 10

    Week 11

    Week 12

    Week 13 – The Finale

    Piranha Reports by Bill_in_PDX

    Day 3 - Slackers Never Win

    Day 6 - Give Me Shelter

    Day 9 - Chick Dig Guys With Big Machetes

    Day 12 - The Battle Lines are Drawn

    Day 15 - Shuffle the Deck

    Day 18 - Picking Off the Ladies, One by One

    Day 21 - This Isn’t Rocket Science You Know

    Day 24 - Do You Believe?

    Day 27 - Panties No Longer on Fire… Cancel That Alarm

    Day 30 - Chicks Dig Jury Members With Scars

    Day 36 - The Demise of the Mastermind

    Safety Zone by fluff

    Week 4

    Week 6

    Week 7

    Week 9

    Week 11

    Survivor Perspectives – Collaborations

    Missed Opportunities

    They Coulda Been Contendas

    Seven Deadly Sins as Fatal Flaws

    What Now by Bill_in_PDX

    Ryan Aiken

    Janet Koth

    Fort Writers Speak – collaborations



    Pre-Season Points by fluff

    Pre-Season Points

    Who’s Who by fluff

    Who’s Who – Roll Call
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