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Thread: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by judibug View Post
    RATTUS: "Hearing Troyzan describe the pig, I'm thinking that I would seriously have to doubt any fish tales or body-part brags he might have to offer."

    I thought the same thing! That pig weighed maybe 70-80 pounds, tops.
    I didn't think it was 170 lbs.. but about 130 or so, so maybe he wasn't that far off. That pig was far bigger than some 70-80 lb dogs I know, lol.
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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I guess I don't need to watch tonight. Kim rubs me the wrong way and I really was hoping she could be gone. I guess it is time to root for Tarzan. These women bother me that they can't see that Kim is channeling her inner Boston Rob. : (

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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    as far as the pig goes my questions would be since recently there has been a huge surge in the wild pig population..but my question before even thinking of eating it would be was it a producer placed pig to give them a chance to get and it or was it a wild one? and if it was wild would the producers test it for Rabies first

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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I want the women to win, and yet I didn't want Troyzan to lose.I am sorry to see him go, I really enjoy his game( although he was pimping himself to have the votes for fan favorite ) . I don't know why all these dimwits think Tarzan is soooo special, if they take him along, which I have thought all along they will. I hope he wins!

    Why did Kim take Alicia along when she won??Of all the players why take that little s***. Kim is lucky she has a bunch of non thinkers following her. I thought I liked Sabrina, turns out I dont.I think the game where they have to write down names is nasty. Alica had to make a point of bringing Christina up at TC, and that she doesn't deserve to be there. Well, she might be clueless, but she isn't a little racist pygmy
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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I missed the beginning of the show, but I gather Kim won a reward challenge and then got to take X people with her for some fun/food event... and that she didn't take Kat who was hurt and sulking, and wondering where she placed.
    So how many people could she take, and who did she take?
    She might have told Kat I left you behind to make sure there was no plotting behind our backs...so sorry, but I trust you.

    Tha nks!

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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Alicia reminded me how vile and catty she is. Thanks, Alicia! You had faded a bit into the background so I'd started to forget. Oh, and best not to keep saying you are a special needs teacher, cause I'm thinking the parents of your students might not be so thrilled to have you teach their kids after watching you on this show.

    The time is right for someone to make a move against Kim. If they don't and she makes it to the end, she wins hands down. Chelsea probably should be the one but she's the right hand girl so I doubt she will. Kat and Sabrina look like they are headed for a fall out, so I wonder if one of them will lead the charge to get rid of Kim. I just wish Alicia could go first.

    I kind of get why they don't like Sabrina now. Even when she's approached with strategy (Troy) she's mucks it up and then she votes for Alicia at the tribal council? She's all over the place! But I agree, it must have hurt her feelings having everyone say those things about her at the challenge. Still, she just doesn't seem to be cut out for this game. Kind of like Leif.

    Kind of sorry to see Troy go but he was also such an @ss last week I am happy to see his butt handed to him by the girls. Funny to see a jury made up entirely of men so far. The girls have to remember though, they need votes. Who has p*ssed off the men the least and/or is in a position to keep some good will from the girls that are inevitably betrayed when the women turn on each other? If she's sitting in the F2/F3 then she's got the win, IMO.

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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Kim won and took Alicia and Chelsea.

    On the upside to all this, if there is one, who would have thought Tarzan would be the last man left at the beginning?
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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Ah, I really didn't fault Troy for his attitude, it was clear he was a target for the last couple of votes. Would have liked to see him get immunity, just to mess up Kim's plans a bit.

    Interesting that Kim didn't take the same angle with Kat that Sabrina did - that she was the most trusted, and therefore, could be relied upon to keep things stable back at camp. Not sure it will actually amount to anything.

    As for the poor pig, that did look disturbingly domestic - we had some soldiers at an Army Base I worked at kill and cook up a wild boar one time and, unfortunately, they didn't cook it quite well enough. All ended up gravely ill. I was kinda hoping for some more Colton-esque bacterial sickness. Sigh.

    Tarzan...well, I wouldn't have rooted for him to win past episode 2 and up until now, but...

    Cannot agree more with those commenting on Alicia's "skills" as a special ed teacher. Didn't read the article but there was something online the past day or two about a father who taped the horrible comments of the teachers about his autistic son...brought A. to mind immediately. What a shame if she lost the $million and her job for being such an Adam Henry.
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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    No way was that piggy wild. Wild pigs can be downright mean. Vicious, even.

    Kat is immature but I get why she was upset. And I'm not really liking Kim anymore. She rubs me the wrong way. And I have to say it.....the dummies they burned were smarter than most of this cast. Christina especially. She cant be that dumb......right?
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    Re: 4/25 One World Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I am finding this an odd season.

    During the horrid Colton days I was disgusted by the behaviour and sheer stupidity. Now, I am just bored by the sheer stupidity.

    There are no entertaining/interesting/charming characters. For the first time ever, I really don't have any favourites that I can root for. They all just seem so blah! Even the "character" Tarzan is not as entertaining, as say, a Phillip Shephard.

    Maybe I'm getting bored by the show and it's time to move on. I hope things pick up ASAP.
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