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Thread: 11/9 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/9 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by AZChristian View Post
    I think annulment requires some intentional fraud on the part of one of the parties. Changing your mind shortly after a wedding isn't fraudulent (see Kim K).
    I used to think that too but have seen many, and I mean, MANY, of celebs get "annulments" when no fraud was apparent....and even after years of marriage.
    Maybe it has more to do with $$ than anything else. Maybe with annulments, spousal support (or lack of) is an issue.
    I don't have a clue and shouldn't speculate because I don't know that much about it.

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    Re: 11/9 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Back in the day an annulment meant that the marriage hadn't been consummated.... Somehow I doubt that is the case here....

    Went and looked up causes....aside from being too closely related, being drunk, insane or kidnapped at the time of the wedding, intending not to be faithful (wow, a lot of "Hollywood marriages" could fail that one), fraud is the biggie. Of course there are Catholic church rules as well as legal ones.
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    Re: 11/9 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    From what I read they got married in August of 2010. She was married a while. Also, she was married when she won and was featured as one of the "bachelorettes" of country in some magazine. If she made money on that, it's fraud.

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