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Thread: Jeff Probst on Tout: Hit or Miss?

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    Jeff Probst on Tout: Hit or Miss?

    Jeff used to write a blog after the show. Then he toyed with doing a video log. This season he's gone to doing touts, very short little video clips. Here's a link if you haven't checked them out yet: TOUT | Life's Moments.

    Personally, I cannot stand the touts. It's annoying to me to have to watch 20 2 minute clips to get the same information I could get from one article or 1 more lengthy video clip. Plus, the tout page freezes up quite a bit so I have to refresh the page about every 3rd tout. I didn't watch the tout's from last week so I was going to watch those plus this week's. However, there are a bazillion clips of Jeff working out. I tried scrolling down to find touts from last night's show but never did get to them before I quit in frustration. I pray that Jeff decides this is a failed experiment and goes back to doing a blog next season. Or better yet, ditch tout now and blog the rest of the season! I doubt he can do that, though. He's probably getting some kind of kickback from TOUT for promoting their site.

    I looked at Jeff's tout site to see if there was a place I could send comments (besides uploading my own tout, which I'm not going to do) but didn't see anything. I wanted to tell him that I think tout sucks!!!

    Thank goodness there's still Dalton Ross's weekly Survivor recap at Popwatch. If he went to doing touts too instead of writing his article, I'd have to hurt someone.

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    Re: Jeff Probst on Tout: Hit or Miss?

    I miss reading Jeff's perspective. But there's enough video in my world, I don't need to add to it. Sorry, Jeff...you let me down.
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    Re: Jeff Probst on Tout: Hit or Miss?

    I miss the blogs and wiki's CBS used to host where previous Survivors participated ...

    Having experienced Jeff's TOUT'ing and twitter comments, I like the instant feedback, but don't much like the tout format ... and there are performance problems ..
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    Re: Jeff Probst on Tout: Hit or Miss?

    Total miss. I have only seen two and there don't seem to be any more. Whats the point. I know Jeff complained that writing blogs took a lot of time and that is why he switched to doing video blogs but I was OK with those because he still gave an analysis of the episode. The touts seem useless.
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